Tax Day 2016 – photos, articles, interviews

Last year on tax day in New York City there was a long line of people outside the IRS waiting to get inside for forms or to have questions answered. This year there was no line at all. Does that mean the IRS was more efficient? Or was it because people didn’t really notice that the final day to file this year was April 18 (or the 19th in Maine and Massachusetts), so many people had things done by April 15? Whatever the reasons, we had a good group out with signs and banners and handed out lots of WRL pie charts: In Washington, DC, on April 15, some of us vigiled at IRS headquarters on Constitution Avenue before joining up […]

Choosing Simple Living

Live simply so that others may simply live.

Recently redmoonsong, who lives in North Carolina and is a committed war tax resister among her many other activities, sent the list below to NWTRCC with this note: Here’s the page I mentioned to you on the phone. One of the things I love about it is that each one begins with action (I really like action). Although I’ve been reading this list for 15 years, I am still inspired by the intelligence, directness and succinctness of Lissner’s writing. Ten Reasons for Choosing A Simpler Lifestyle by Jorgen Lissner As an act of faith performed for the sake of personal integrity and as an expression of a personal commitment to a more equitable distribution of the world’s resources. As an […]

“The Boys Who Said No” and other anti-war media

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve come across a lot of media of interest to war tax resisters and our supporters! There’s a film in development called The Boys Who Said No, about draft resisters during the Vietnam War. The film name is a reference to that iconic poster of Joan Baez and her sisters sitting on a couch (shown at the right). The film focuses on David Harris, a draft resister, and his wife during that era, Joan Baez (who you may recognize as a Vietnam-era war tax resister herself). I haven’t seen very much in the news analyzing the US military’s drone attack on alleged al Shabaab militants in Somalia. Glenn Greenwald reported on the deaths and […]

War tax resisters: Taking action around the world

Divest from the Pentagon! No taxes for war!

I’m so pleased today to highlight some of the amazing work war tax resisters are doing, both in war tax resistance work and in addition to refusing to cooperate with military taxation! Kathy Kelly was arrested yesterday at Volk Field with fellow Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV) activist Brian Terrell for crossing onto the base with a loaf of bread and a letter for drone operators working there. The press release from VCNV states, “People who can’t flee from drone surveillance and attacks have good reason to fear people from the U.S., but instead they have broken bread with Kelly and Terrell and have welcomed opportunities for deepened mutual understanding. Kelly and Terrell carried the loaf of bread to signify […]

Dodging the Modern Draft

In the past week, the media has been abuzz about a House bill proposing that women be forced to register for the draft with the Selective Service. (The sponsoring Republicans have actually introduced this bill to object to the inclusion of women in all combat roles.) The discussion seems to be primarily about whether women have the ability to deal with close combat situations and anything else that is demanded in the course of war, or whether men and women should train together in basic training or other military preparations. This line of thinking, to me, means responding with the question, “Do men have the ability to withstand the rigors of war?” The atrocious veteran suicide rates, for one, certainly […]

Flashes from the Past

In going through some old files recently a few tidbits of historical, inspirational, and/or organizing interest surfaced: In the midst of an election year (it feels more like years) a flyer from the early 1970s is a refreshing change from everything we are hearing from the current crop of candidates. Elizabeth Taylor (no, not that one) ran for office in Ann Arbor with her picture taken in front of “Phone Tax is a War Tax” sign, and her featured experience includes “Founder of Ann Arbor War Tax Counselling.” We’ve had a few other war tax resisters run for office with mixed success. From what I can tell from old newspaper stories online, Elizabeth won the County Commissioner’s seat. Perhaps she’ll […]

Honoring Peg Morton

Peg Morton stands in front of a camera talking at a Eugene Tax Day rally in 2015. A sign reading "WAR IS A racket" is held up behind her to the left.

The NWTRCC network lost one of its stalwart activists and friends on Saturday. Peg Morton of Eugene passed away peacefully at her friend’s home after deciding to end her life through intentional fasting. (You can read this article about her life in Eugene in the Register-Guard’s obituaries section.) I actually first met Peg in 2008 when I was part of a bike ride that stopped in Eugene. We volunteered on a raised bed garden project and she was one of the volunteers. Her energetic personality was so memorable. Three months later I came to Eugene again for my first NWTRCC conference and was delighted to see Peg there, singing some songs with a group to help kick off the weekend. […]

Dive$t from the Pentagon

drawing of melting snowman wearing a black hat that says "Melty" and a blue scarf with "Border Free" printed on it. Text: DIVE$T from the PENTAGON over a simple yellow sun.

by Jason Rawn People are talking more and more about abolishing war and redirecting the mis-invested wealth into renewable energy, healthcare, bioremediation, public transit, etc. We need vast resources to address (embrace?) this climate-change-framed historical moment. As it happens, vast financial wealth has been and is currently being created by short-sighted, omnicidal industries. Perhaps this second vastness could cover the first. Consider the following from Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate: “The US military is by some accounts the largest single consumer of petroleum in the world. In 2011, the Department of Defense released, at minimum, 56.6 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere, more than the U.S.-based operations of ExxonMobil and Shell combined. So […]

New Collection Challenges

For years war tax resisters (or potential resisters) have worried about travel abroad. Will my tax debt show up in a passport check when leaving or returning to the U.S.? Despite reassurances that many of us travel abroad and this has not been an issue, the fear lingered in the minds of many. Unfortunately, on December 4, 2015, Congress passed a long-awaited highway funding bill that tucked some IRS-related revenue provisions in the massive document. At least two of those affect war tax resisters — the passport issue and re-institution of private debt collectors for tax debt. For many reasons these are both bad ideas, and in the past have generated widespread controversy. This time the House and Senate let […]

New Website!

In the next few days, NWTRCC will be rolling out our newest website design, a responsive design that can be easily read on devices big and small. We’ve also revamped and updated the site structure and text. We’re so glad to be able to share the results with you soon. Thanks to MuseArts, our consultants, for their technical and design expertise and many hours getting this website going. Thanks also to the NWTRCC volunteers (Peter, David, and Ed) for their knowledge and hard work. And of course, thanks to our coordinator, Ruth, for getting the website project going and all the work that entails. If you subscribe to this blog via e-mail, there may be changes in the e-mail subscription […]

Divest from Weapons and Warmaking: WTRs in Las Vegas

On November 6-8, a small group of stalwart NWTRCC network members gathered in Las Vegas for community time, discussion of outreach tactics, and a vigil outside Nellis Air Force Base. It was a fun time as always. The Administrative Committee met on Friday to review the budget, objectives, and proposals. We finished on time and had time to take a walk around the neighborhood, seeing the beautiful murals of prominent black people in the history of Las Vegas. We also got a tour of Harrison House, which was a popular place to stay for black performers in the 1940s and 1950s, who were prohibited from staying or eating in the hotels and casinos they performed at. The house is now […]

Chris Coverdale: 42 days in jail for refusing council tax

Recently Peace News and The Picket Line have posted about Chris Coverdale, a war tax resister in the UK who refused to pay his council tax, totaling approximately £1,800, and was sentenced to 42 days in jail. Coverdale argues that paying council tax would support government-sponsored terrorism in the form of war. He has been refusing to pay taxes for several years. [More about the council tax: It’s a locally collected tax, similar to US property taxes. These taxes are collected for local use by the district (usually just called “council”) but may also be allocated to other authorities, also locally based. Read more about council tax on Wikipedia.] Chris Coverdale said, “I have never refused to pay tax but […]