Statement of Purpose


The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) is a coalition of groups and individuals across the U.S. working to maintain and build a national movement of resisters to military taxes. NWTRCC opposes militarism and war; we refuse to be complicit in paying taxes for such violence.

War tax resistance methods include refusing to pay federal income taxes, redirecting tax money to community needs, supporting peace tax fund legislation, and living in ways that eliminate tax liability.

We acknowledge the deep links between militarism and the social ills of poverty, racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, economic exploitation, environmental destruction, and militarized law enforcement. We believe war tax resistance can help build a world of justice, community, harmony with nature, and peace. We seek collaboration with others working for a non-militarized society.

NWTRCC’s objectives include:

  1. Recruiting for, maintaining, and distributing an updated National Network List of affiliate groups, alternative funds, contact persons, and counselors.
  2. Publishing and distributing, both online and in print, resources on WTR history, methods, and consequences.
  3. Publishing a periodic newsletter on WTR, with a specific focus on WTR organizing.
  4. Providing WTR counselor information and periodic trainings.
  5. Coordinating and publicizing WTR campaigns and events.
  6. Providing technical assistance on WTR organizing.
  7. Providing introductory information to groups and individuals who request it.
  8. Organizing regular national meetings for those involved in and/or supportive of WTR.
  9. Participating whenever possible in international gatherings of conscientious objectors to military taxes.

NWTRCC is an endorser or partner of:

NWTRCC welcomes organizational endorsements.