War Tax Resistance: A Catholic Worker Tradition

Ammon Hennacy

[Editor’s Note: A longer version of this article was first published the April 2024 edition of the Agitator, the newspaper of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker.] “‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me’ with napalm, nerve gas, our hydrogen bomb… Should one pay… Continue reading

An Overlooked Avenue for Political Dissent

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“An Overlooked Avenue for Political Dissent” is the title of the one and only review on that big online bookseller for the War Resisters League book Guide to War Tax Resistance, precursor to the 2004 edition of the book titled, War Tax Resistance: A Guide to Withholding Your Support from the Military.  The 5-star review… Continue reading

Understanding common IRS collection letters

image of IRS letter with heading "You have unpaid taxes for 2015 - Amount due: $1,922.39"

[Editor’s Note. This post by Erica Leigh was originally published in 2016, but all the information is still accurate. Many first-time resisters who filed this past spring are beginning to receive their first letters from the IRS. These letters can be intimidating and scary. With this in mind, we thought it was time to re-share… Continue reading

Living Simply in a New Way: An Interview with Robin Greenfield

[Editor’s Note: Robin Greenfield has been challenging people to think about their environmental impacts, their relationship to other animals and plants, and their enmeshment in economic systems for over a decade. Through YouTube videos, TV appearances, books, articles, public speaking, and other cultural work, he shares personal challenges he sets for himself and how he… Continue reading

NWTRCC War Tax Resistance Gathering – May 2024

Panel with war tax resistance groups from NWTRCC's May 2024 Conference

NWTRCC’s spring 2024 gathering was back on Zoom (3-5 May 2024). On Friday evening, over thirty people joined us for a Social Hour where we twice broke out into smaller groups of five or six and had an opportunity to meet new people and touch base with old friends. On Saturday morning, forty-five people attended… Continue reading

First-Time Resister’s Letter to the IRS

[Editor’s Note: Many people, including several new war tax resisters, have been gracious enough to share their letter to the IRS with us. Just a reminder that we will be holding our next NWTRCC gathering on Zoom, May 3-5, 2024. Many long-time and first-time war tax resisters have already registered. Here is the full schedule… Continue reading

The Streets of New York, The Letter in the Mailbox

singing away war at tax day protest

One thing about being out in the streets of NYC, it is never dull. Our annual tax day presence at the IRS was a lively affair this year thanks to musical accompaniment of the Raging Grannies and Filthy Rotten System, and an array of passers-by who offered support or challenged our message — some more… Continue reading

My Letter to the IRS

Hi! I hope all’s well on your end. My name’s Murtaza Nek, I’m a math and science tutor at Henry Ford College in Dearborn, Michigan. I usually file my taxes using online e-filing software, but this time felt the need to communicate a message which wasn’t possible using said software. I’ve thus put in much… Continue reading

Busting through the Bottom Line

Weeds grow through cracksPhoto

Under the bright, clear, azure blue skies of Spring, our thoughts turn toward action. There are a number of ways to take action in the upcoming tax season culminating on April 15, 2024 and beyond. NWTRCC has put together a page- Quick Tips for Tax Day that has some resources to activate actions in coming… Continue reading

Resisting War Taxes in the Gig Economy

Since the invasion of Gaza in October 2023, NWTRCC has seen an exponential increase of interest in war tax resistance. Much of this new interest is among younger people who participate in the gig economy. There has been a lot of confusion about the gig economy and third-party reporting, so this post is meant to… Continue reading

Tax Day 2024- Here we Come!

  Tax Day is soon approaching! We would love to know about your plans for tax day. NWTRCC is hosting an introduction to war tax resistance (WTR 101) session on Saturday March 2nd starting at 1pm Eastern time. Already there are 400 people registered. It is one of the largest registrations that we have had… Continue reading

“Yes, Please”

Sometimes you read something you wrote years ago and think “hey, that’s a pretty good article.” Back in 2005, Ed and I wrote an article for The Catholic Worker covering some reasons for maintaining our war tax resistance (WTR) over the years. At the time we had a combined total of 51 years of refusing… Continue reading