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War Tax Resister Profile: Howard Waitzkin and Mi Ra Lee

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Statement from Howard Waitzkin to the IRS for Tax Year 2017: I am a Conscientious Objector (CO) to war, based on religious and ethical beliefs, as recognized and certified 36 years ago by the U.S. Selective Service System. My beliefs as a CO have prevented me from participating in military service. However, I have devoted… Continue reading

Taxing Issues

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The IRS has been so quiet lately that it’s been hard to find topics to write about — except for interesting historical notes or the horrors resulting from the massive U.S. military budget. But three people got in touch recently with three different issues. At a time when war tax resistance seems pretty quiet too,… Continue reading

Richard and Carolyn Yoder 2019

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Dear Friends: We have sent our U.S. Individual Income Tax Return for 2019 electronically. Of the total tax that is due the IRS, we are withholding $200.00. We do this as a way of honoring our values, giving concrete expression to our opposition to war and the use of our tax dollars for financing war…. Continue reading

David Hartsough 2020

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Dear Friends,   This year Tax Day is July 15. Thought you would be interested in this letter my wife and I have written the IRS refusing to pay for wars and preparations for wars. We find it very difficult to pray and work for peace and then pay for wars. We would welcome your… Continue reading

Carol Caffrey

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April 15, 2020 IRS Fresno, CA 93888-0002 To whom it may concern: I am withholding half of my taxes because I am a Christian. Killing is against my conscience as stated in the 10 Commandments. Taxes for the military kill directly and indirectly. Directly, when there are wars, drones, or perhaps some military actions. Indirectly,… Continue reading

Aaron Falbel 2019

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To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed please find my federal tax return for the year 2018, which I have filled out honestly and accurately to the best of my knowledge. However, I have not enclosed payment for the amount indicated on line 22. I have redirected this amount to organizations that promote peace, justice, reconciliation,… Continue reading

Susan Lee Barton 2019

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To the Internal Revenue Service Copies to : Rep. Dwight Evans, Senator Bob Casey, Senator Patrick J. Toomey, President Donald Trump To my government representatives, My 2018 tax return says that I owe $215 in taxes. I am once again writing to explain why I will not pay the amount I owe to the federal… Continue reading

Jennie Kogan 2019

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Dear Congressman Himes, Senators Murphy and Blumenthal and Mr. President, I am going act in accordance with the Article 1 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, join the movement of conscientious objectors and refuse to pay 24% of my federal taxes this year. Instead, I will redirect that money to supporting human rights because… Continue reading

Tom Haws 2019

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Dear IRS Employee, As a conscientious objector to war, I will not pay my 2018 income tax. I believe war killing is wrong and therefore I cannot pay for it. There are other ways for nations to resolve their conflicts with one another besides through war killing. The U.S. government spends nearly half its budget… Continue reading

David and Jan Hartsough 2019

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Dear Friends at the IRS, We cannot in conscience pay for the killing of other human beings or pay for war and preparations for war. Human life is too precious to drop bombs on people because we do not like their governments. Developing a new generation of nuclear weapons which could put an end to… Continue reading