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Carol Caffrey

April 15, 2020 IRS Fresno, CA 93888-0002 To whom it may concern: I am withholding half of my taxes because I am a Christian. Killing is against my conscience as stated in the 10 Commandments. Taxes for the military kill directly and indirectly. Directly, when there are wars, drones, or perhaps some military actions. Indirectly, by taking over half the money in the yearly budget which could otherwise go to support so many lives. Thank you for listening, Carol Caffrey  

War Tax Resister Profile: Howard Waitzkin and Mi Ra Lee

 [Editor’s Note: The following are excerpts from a letter that Howard Waitzkin and Mi Ra Lee wrote the IRS and included with their 2017 tax return. Thank you for sharing!] Statement of Resistance from Howard Waitzkin to the IRS for Tax Year 2017: I am a Conscientious Objector (CO) to war, based on religious and ethical beliefs, as recognized and certified 36 years ago by the U.S. Selective Service System. My beliefs as a CO have prevented me from participating in military service. However, I have devoted my whole professional career to many forms of alternative service, trying to meet the unmet health and mental health needs of active duty military personnel and veterans, as well as those of other […]

Aaron Falbel 2019

To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed please find my federal tax return for the year 2018, which I have filled out honestly and accurately to the best of my knowledge. However, I have not enclosed payment for the amount indicated on line 22. I have redirected this amount to organizations that promote peace, justice, reconciliation, and healing. Allow me to tell you why. The Trump Administration has undeniably made the world a more dangerous place. Not only does the Administration plan to increase our already-bloated military budget to an astonishing $750 billion, but they propose to add $7.87 billion to “replace and modernize” America’s nuclear arsenal. This, plus the planned withdrawal from the INF Treaty, can only rekindle a new […]

Susan Lee Barton 2019

To the Internal Revenue Service Copies to : Rep. Dwight Evans, Senator Bob Casey, Senator Patrick J. Toomey, President Donald Trump To my government representatives, My 2018 tax return says that I owe $215 in taxes. I am once again writing to explain why I will not pay the amount I owe to the federal government. Currently the majority of every tax dollar goes to pay for past, present, and future wars. I can not pay for war. As much as I value our country’s laws, I believe that God’s laws must come first, and God tells us, “Thou shalt not kill.” In addition to paying for foreign wars, the 1033 Program transfers excess military equipment to civilian law enforcement […]

Jennie Kogan 2019

Dear Congressman Himes, Senators Murphy and Blumenthal and Mr. President, I am going act in accordance with the Article 1 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, join the movement of conscientious objectors and refuse to pay 24% of my federal taxes this year. Instead, I will redirect that money to supporting human rights because the federal government is lacking significantly in doing so. Article one states that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” yet the United States budget and resulting actions of the military do not align with this article. It is well documented that millions of civilians get killed by US Troops every year. We spend significantly more on private contractors and […]

Tom Haws 2019

Dear IRS Employee, As a conscientious objector to war, I will not pay my 2018 income tax. I believe war killing is wrong and therefore I cannot pay for it. There are other ways for nations to resolve their conflicts with one another besides through war killing. The U.S. government spends nearly half its budget on war & preparations for war. This type of spending does not reflect my humanitarian values and therefore I will not support it. I am paying my self-employment tax ($7,055; line 57). I am sending that amount to you. I am sending the remaining amount of my income tax due ($1,577; line 13) to the People’s Life Fund to be held until the U.S. Government […]

David and Jan Hartsough 2019

Dear Friends at the IRS, We cannot in conscience pay for the killing of other human beings or pay for war and preparations for war. Human life is too precious to drop bombs on people because we do not like their governments. Developing a new generation of nuclear weapons which could put an end to life on our beautiful planet is immoral and insane.. Giving the Pentagon hundreds of billions of dollars does not increase the security of our people when we are cutting funds for schools, libraries, job training, and now even the EPA, diplomacy work at the State Department., and transition to a renewable energy future. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, and increased use […]

Fred Burks 2019

Dear friends in the IRS and others concerned about integrity in government, I am withholding 12% of my taxes again this year as I cannot morally or spiritually support the indiscriminate killing of many thousands of innocent civilians by the US military in recent years. If another country’s military were to kill US civilians, there would be a huge uproar. Yet our military kills civilians with impunity, listing them as “collateral damage.” Besides being immoral, this is clearly turning family and friends of those killed against the United States and creating even more terrorists. The US military additionally repeatedly commits illegal acts by carrying out wars that have never been declared by Congress, violating Article I Section 8 Clause 11 […]

Larry Bassett 2019

Dear Sirs: I am sending this annual letter to Mr. Trump and Mr. Warner and Mr. Kaine and Mr. Cline. You bring to mind the founding fathers – white men. And also the often quoted phrase about how all MEN are created equal. We conveniently ignore the historic denigration of women, blacks and Native Americans. Some of that denigration carries forward even today. My annual letter generally focuses on the massive military spending of the US. I am a part of a very small group of people who as conscientious objectors to out of control military spending and war making openly refuse to pay some or all of our federal income taxes because such a large percentage of those taxes […]

Robert Riversong 1979

IRS, I’m writing this from a prison bus on my way to arraignment for demonstrating against the launching of the first Trident Nuclear Submarine, the world’s most powerful killing machine. Since I was prepared to refuse my body as cannon fodder for the Vietnam War (my lottery number was not called for the last year of the draft), I can no longer pay for others to do what my own conscience will not allow. So, from now on, I will refuse to pay federal income taxes, since more than 50% of the revenue goes toward funding past, present and future wars, none of which are waged to protect our own national territory. – Robert Riversong, 1979

Don Timmerman 2018

Dear IRS Friends, I have refused to pay for war for thirty five years, and I am not stopping now.  I am a Christian. My belief tells me that to follow Christ, I must refuse to cooperate with a government that believes it is alright to spend 50% of money received on war and weapons of war, as well as training our young to kill and maim the enemy of the state.   I think of how many people in the world could be helped so much with the trillions of dollars that cannot be accounted for by the U.S. military.  I believe that Fiscal Times wrote that as much as $21 trillion cannot be accounted for by the military.  Yet […]

Jan Passion 2018

16 April 2018  Dear good people at the IRS,  Enclosed is my 1040-V Payment Voucher for my 2017 taxes.  You will find a check in the amount of $1,268 due for self-employment tax (social security tax).  You will note that I have NOT paid my income tax due ($261). I would like to explain why.  I feel compelled to join the ranks of those who cannot, in good conscience, support our government’s preparation for violence and war as a means to peace and cooperation in our global community.  As Martin Luther King said so many years ago:  “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual […]