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Read from the October/November 2022 issue with these stories:

  • NWTRCC Celebrates 40 Years
    By Lincoln Rice-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • The Origins of NWTRCC By Bill Durland-Littleton, Colorado
  • Early Memories: NWTRCC‘s First Coordinators by Larry Bassett-Lynchburg, Virginia • Early NWTRCC Meetings and Folks from All Over by Ruth Benn-Brooklyn, New York
  • 1980s and 1990s: NWTRCC was a Phone Call Away by Sue Barnhart-Eugene, Oregon • Finding NWTRCC in College by Tana-Portland, Oregon
  • 1990s: Finding NWTRCC at the School of the Americas by Chrissy Kirchhoefer-St Louis, Missouri • The Complexity of War Tax Resistance by Shulamith Eagle-Vermont • Halloween in Birmingham by Tana and Susan
  • 2000s: Strategizing and Song by Karl Meyer-Nashville, Tennessee • NWTRCC Meetings Lead to Calling as a Therapist by Betty Winkler-New York City • Stories from the Road by Jim Stockwell-Micaville, North Carolina • Modern Day Heros by Daniel Woodham-Kingston, New York
  • 2010s: NWTRCC as a Source of Support by Ariel Rosenberg-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Meeting my Husband, New Friends, and Skits by Susan Miller-Heston, Kansas and New York City

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