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Read from the June/July 2019 issue with these stories:

  • Tax Day 2019 Resistance in Public by Chrissy Kirchhoefer
  • NWTRCC Gathering in Washington DC by Lincoln Rice
  • Counseling Notes: Changes Coming to the W4 • Frivolous Correspondence Update • Frozen Bank Account
  • Many Thanks to everyone who supports NWTRCC with their volunteer time or financial donations and to the following groups for recent donations
  • Network List Updates
  • International: WTR is Still Not a Right, but Neither Can it be Punished
  • War Tax Resistance Ideas and Actions: State Tax Refund Pays for Peace Mission to Russia • Host a War Tax Resistance Focus Group with Younger Activists in your Area • Kurdish Farmers Pressed to Pay War Taxes by ISIS • Extorted War Taxes in Honduras
  • Resources: War Tax Resistance at a Glance • NWTRCC‘s Newsletter More than a Paycheck
  • NWTRCC News: Tom Shea – In Memoriam • Mark Your Calendars
  • PROFILE: Howard Waitzkin and Mi Ra Lee

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