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Read from the April/May 2022 issue with these stories:

  • Tax Season 2022
    By Lincoln Rice
  • Keep it Simple – Stop Killing By Chrissy Kirchhoefer
  • Counseling Notes: Tax Day is Monday, April 18 • IRS Making Progress and Receives Some Relief • Passport Renewal and a Payment Plan • Passports and the Supreme Court
  • Many Thanks to everyone who supports NWTRCC with their volunteer time or financial donations and to the following groups for recent donations
  • Network List Updates
  • War Tax Resistance News: Conscience Matters (by William Ruhaak) • Podcast “Tax Chats” Features War Tax Resistance • New England War Tax Resistance Online Panel
  • NWTRCC Upcoming Events and News: NWTRCC National Conference: Organizing for Systemic Peace (April 29 – May 1, 2022) • Social Media Growth – Year over Year, 2017-2022
  • Profile: I am a “Symbolic Resister”
    By Shirley Whiteside

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