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Read from the February/March 2021 issue with these stories:

  • Tax Season 2021 Campaign
    By Lincoln Rice
  • Hindsight, Looking Forward with 2020 Vision By Chrissy Kirchhoefer
  • Counseling Notes: 2021 IRS Standard Deduction and Taxable Income Level • Self-Employed to Receive Different 1099 Form • Warning about Sending a Letter with your Tax Forms • IRS Commissioner: We’ve Cleared Unopened Mail Backlog • Private Debt Collectors for the IRS Not Very Successful • Old Computers at the IRS & Low Staffing are Causing Problems
  • Many Thanks to everyone who supports NWTRCC with their volunteer time or financial donations and to the following groups for recent donations
  • Network List Updates
  • NWTRCC Outreach: WTR 101 as World Beyond War Fundraiser • War Tax Resistance Discussed at Chicago School of Complexes
  • NWTRCC Upcoming Events & News: National NWTRCC Conference April 30 – May 2, 2021 • WTR Counselor Training on Zoom • NWTRCC Bequest Campaign • Ask your Church to Support NWTRCC • Nominations Open for NWTRCC’s Administrative Committee (AdComm)
  • PROFILE: Letter to IRS: Former State Department Worker Refuses to Pay for Killing Civilians By Fred Burks

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