NWTRCC is a coalition of local, regional, and national groups and individuals from across the United States who support war tax resistance. For everyone interested in or actively refusing to pay taxes for war, NWTRCC offers information, referral, support, resources, publicity, campaign sponsorship, and connection to an international network of conscientious objectors to war taxes.


black and white photo of several attendees of the 1982 founding conference listening to a speaker

Founding conference, 1982.

NWTRCC grew out of a National Action Conference in September 1982 called by the War Resisters League and the Center on Law and Pacifism. War tax resistance, which had been highly visible during Vietnam War protests, was growing again with the election of Ronald Reagan and an increasing mood of militarism in the country. A network was needed to share information, coordinate actions, and develop resources for war tax resisters.

Today NWTRCC is supported by more than 45 national and local affiliate organizations along with a nationwide network of individual counselors and activists. NWTRCC has a small office and paid coordinator, and much of the work is done by volunteers. National Coordinating Committee meetings are held twice a year to discuss the needs of the movement, set program goals, determine priorities, and implement and evaluate these decisions. The meetings rotate to different parts of the country, making it possible for more local groups and individuals to be involved in the national war tax resistance network.

What We Do

  • Information table at a demonstrationProviding Information, Referrals, and Support for new and long-time resisters to a regularly updated Network List of war tax counselors, lawyers, support groups, alternative funds, activists, and other groups involved in war tax issues.
  • Producing Resources (print and online), including:
    • brochures, books, and pamphlets describing many aspects of war tax resistance;
    • a bimonthly newsletter; and
    • this website.
  • Publicizing War Tax Resistance, especially through:
    • releasing nationally coordinated press releases around tax day,
    • connecting reporters with war tax resisters for interviews, and
    • providing information on the movement.
  • Sponsoring or Supporting Initiatives and Campaigns, including:
    • the Divest from War, Invest in People campaign to register resistance and encourage the redirection of tax dollars;
    • telephone tax resistance, symbolic resistance, and other low-risk campaigns;
    • advertisements for signers to publicize their refusal to pay for war;
    • alternative funds to pool redirected taxes;
    • partnership with the Global Day of Action on Military Spending; and
    • workshops and information tables at local, regional, and national conferences, demonstrations, peace fairs, anarchist book fairs, etc.
  • Participating in the International Network of war tax resisters and peace tax campaigns, meeting at conferences, and sharing resources. The Conscience and Peace Tax International website helps to connect these groups and activities.

Join Us

NWTRCC was founded as a coalition of organizations with an active network of individual activists and supporters. Learn how you and/or your organization can get involved or endorse NWTRCC.