Podcasts and Talks

War Tax Resistance Discussed on Podcasts

Market Place: “The Rise of (Tax) Resistance” An April 15, 2024 podcast briefly talks about war tax resisters and tax protesters, though they use different terminology.

The Take Podcast (Al Jazeera): “How Much of Americans’ Tax Money Funds War?” An April 2024 podcast that mentions war tax resistance, but focuses more on the absurd amount of money the US pays for war.

Blackbird Radio Podcast: “War Tax Resistance, NWTRCC, and the Renaissance.” A January 2024 podcast, which uses business, art, media, spirituality, and STEM to fight corruption, highlight hope, and guide humanity toward a world that makes sense.

Tax Chats Podcast: “The War Tax Resister: A Conversation with Lincoln Rice.” A February 2022 podcast with accounting professors who teach at universities in North Carolina.

Shut Up & Play Podcast, Interview with WTR Karl Meyer about WTR Athlete Eroseanna Robinson (July 2021).

More WTR Videos

Veterans for Peace advisory board member Matthew Hoh’s talk at the St. Louis, MO gathering, May 2017

Activist Cindy Sheehan’s talk at the Asheville, N.C., gathering, May 2013

San Francisco attorney J. Tony Serra’s talk at the war tax resistance gathering in Oakland (May 2011)

NYU Student Video with interviews of War Tax Resisters (Dec. 2009)

Other Short Videos of War Tax Resisters as they explain why they refuse to pay for war, how they do it, dealing with fear of the IRS, and the empowerment of resisting taxes for war from 2005 plus bonus clip of Joan Baez in 1964 announcing her refusal to pay for the Vietnam War.

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