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What Does the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision Mean to War Tax Resisters?
Transcript of a talk by attorney Peter Goldberger, given at the November 2014 NWTRCC Gathering.
War Tax Resistance for a Better World
A transcript of NWTRCC’s first Google Hangout, featuring three panelists sharing their experiences with war tax resistance.
War Resistance Beyond the Rally
A transcript of NWTRCC’s second Google Hangout, featuring Jack Payden-Travers from the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, and Maria Santelli from the Center on Conscience and War.
Environment, Taxes, and War
Facts, figures, links, resources, and flyers about why ending war is crucial to saving the earth. Order free outreach cards shown at the bottom of the page.
A Matter of Freedom
Juanita Nelson’s inspiring and amusing story of being arrested and brought to court in her bathrobe for her refusal to cooperate with war taxation, first published in Liberation magazine in 1960.
Civil Disobedience
Henry David Thoreau’s legendary essay setting out the duty of people to disobey commands that they collaborate with injustice. Y en español: “Del Deber de la Desobediencia Civil”
Anarchists and War Tax Resistance
“To not pay taxes is not my whole message but it is a part of the life of a rebel which I chose to act upon. For despite all talk you either pay taxes or you don’t.” —Ammon Hennacy
What I Would Have Said To Judge Freedman
Randy Kehler’s essay written while jailed because of war tax resistance. War tax resister Robert Riversong’s pictorial essay continues the story:  Constructive Program – Building on Our Ideals.
Confrontational War Tax Resistance
Ed Hedemann makes the case for making your tax resistance a thorn in the side of the government
Couples and war tax resistance — See Practical War Tax Resistance #8 on Relationships and WTR
Articles from NWTRCC’s newsletter and additional comments, information, and tips.
Tax Refusal As Conscientious Objection to War
By Melvin D. Schmidt. Originally published in The Mennonite Quarterly Review, July, 1969, and posted with permission of the author and the Review.

On Money

Starting an Alternative Fund
An online guide to setting up a fund of pooled war taxes for granting and redirection.
About Money
Based on a conversation held at the 2006 NWTRCC national gathering in Las Vegas.
The Influence of Money on Decisions to Engage in War Tax Resistance
By Karen Marysdaughter. The influence of money exerts a strong influence on people’s decisions whether or not to engage in war tax resistance.
Social Security Debate
Are taxes that are designated for programs like Social Security really war taxes in disguise? Ruth Benn, David Gross, Susan Miller, and Larry Dansinger share their views on this question.
Nonprofits and tax-exempt status
501(c)3 nonprofit status is a sought-after prize to some groups, but activists may find it to be a trap and a way for the government to intimidate them.
Inheritance and social responsibility
George Salzman’s meditation on inheriting and bequeathing.
What’s Your Interest
Juanita Nelson and Bob Irwin consider the ethics of charging, earning, and paying interest.
War, the National Debt, Taxes, and the Creation of Money
Jay Sordean shares his theories about the nature of money.

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Letters from war tax resisters to the IRS, government leaders, the media, friends & family, and others explaining why they are refusing to pay for war.
Closer looks at the lives and outlooks of a variety of individual war tax resisters.