Practical War Tax Resistance Series

Read our free set of guidebooks on the ins and outs of a variety of aspects of war tax resistance. They give you the confidence you need to take your next steps. You can also order print versions from our Store.

  1. Controlling Federal Tax Withholding
    Explains the whys, hows, and possible consequences of “W-4 Resistance” if you have federal income tax withheld from your wages. Read the text version or download a PDF.
  2. To File Or Not To File An Income Tax Return
    Explores the philosophical and practical pros and cons about whether or not to file an income tax return. Read the text version or download a PDF.
  3. How To Resist Collection, Or Make the Most Of Collection When It Occurs
    Covers the IRS collection process, how to prepare for the possibility of collection, how to prevent collection, and how to use the opportunity of collection to witness to your convictions. Read the text version or download a PDF.
  4. Self-Employment — An Effective Path For War Tax Refusal
    Includes information on IRS regulations concerning self-employment and the possible consequences of WTR for self-employed people; also includes information on common occupational areas for the self-employed. Read the text version or download a PDF.
  5. Low Income/Simple Living As War Tax Resistance
    The whys and hows of reducing your income in order to keep money away from the military and to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Tips for filers on taking advantage of IRS deductions and credits to lower taxable income. Suggestions, resources, and stories from war tax resisters about living well on low incomes. Read the text version or download a PDF.
  6. Organizational War Tax Resistance, Employers, Contractors, and Financial Institutions
    An overview of issues and solutions for individuals and institutions. Read the text version or download a PDF.
  7. Health Care and Income Security for War Tax Resisters
    Covering the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and war tax resisters; money issues, especially for aging resisters, including social security, inheritances, trusts; and stories about living well in later years. Read the text version or download a PDF.
  8. Relationships and War Tax Resistance
    Conscientiously opposing war through tax refusal is a stand that takes courage and has risks. Many, if not most, war tax resisters deal with concerns about practicing war tax resistance while married or in a relationship. This Practical is packed with stories and tips to help you manage both. Read the text version or download a PDF.

Basic Brochures and Booklets

Why and How to Refuse to Pay for War • An introductory pamphlet on the motivations of resisters, as well as methods and the consequences of refusing to pay taxes for war, which include letters from the IRS, salary and bank account levies, but rarely anything else.

Refusing the Federal Telephone Tax • Explains history of telephone war tax resistance with details on how and why we resist and redirect this federal tax. Also see our Hang Up On War pages.

Are You Praying for Peace But Still Paying for War? A Christian Perspective • Looks at war tax resistance as a Christian witness and tradition and suggests other material to read.

Why Isn’t Everyone Who’s for Peace a War Tax Resister? • Covers frequently asked questions. Designed for outreach in peace communities to people who have heard of war tax resistance.

War Tax Resistance at a Glance • PDF version of this booklet that gives concise answers to frequently asked questions. Also available in español: Resistencia al Pago de Impuesto de Guerra: Un Vistazo Rápido.