Are you ready to start resisting the use of your money to pay for war and militarism?

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⇒ War Tax Resistance
Learn what war tax resistance is, which taxes are war taxes, and some of the terminology surrounding war tax resistance.
⇒ Motivations
War tax resisters differ in what we hope to achieve by our resistance. If you spend some time thinking about your own goals and motives, this will help you choose the right methods of tax resistance for you.
⇒ How to Resist
There are a variety of ways to resist war taxes. This page introduces you to a few of the most common.
⇒ Consequences
Each method of war tax resistance has its own set of consequences. Know what you’re getting into.
⇒ Redirection
Many war tax resisters redirect the money they aren’t giving to the government, sending it instead to more worthy projects. This page lists some ways to do this in coordination with other resisters.
⇒ Frequently Asked Questions
People sometimes hesitate to become war tax resisters because they have unanswered questions about it. Get yours answered here.

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⇒ Letters
Read letters that war tax resisters have written to the IRS and others, explaining why they are not paying their taxes.
⇒ Profiles
Read about some of the war tax resisters in our network.

Watch this webinar for an overview of many of these topics.

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