Tax Day

NWTRCC promotes tax day actions every year, collecting a list of actions around the U.S. and sending out a press release widely in early April and posting reports on our website and on our Facebook page. Look under our Media link above for “articles” and “podcasts” for recent news items.

Tax Day is April 17, 2018

Are you making plans for actions between now and Tax Day? Take some inspiration from 2017 actions, such as:

  • Ithaca, where their Collective Redirection was highlighted in the local media, and,
  • Milwaukee, where war tax resisters organized a protest at a local military base with other groups including Welfare Warriors and Peace Action-Wisconsin, or,
  • See this list of action ideas or this list of Quick Steps for Tax Day 2018

Once again NWTRCC is encouraging Collective Redirection to Black, Brown, and Indigenous Resistance as part of our ongoing Divest from War, Invest in People campaign. This effort supports organizers who are directly targeted by state-sponsored violence and are fighting for liberation in our communities. It challenges us to actively build stronger and more connected movements to take on militarism, racism, and occupation in all its forms. Not just charity, Collective Redirection is intended to build relationships and strengthen solidarity.

Post Your Action: Use the form below, or email the details, or send in this form (PDF), and we’ll announce actions, workshops, film showings, etc.,  between now and tax day on our website and in a national press release.

Previous Years:

Tax Day 2017, Asheville, NC

2017 Tax Day Reports and Photos
Read the report of the 2017 Collective Redirection to Black, Brown, and Indigenous Resistance
Tax Day Press Release – “Tax Day Protests Highlight Refusal to Pay for War


Days of War Tax Action 2016

drawing of melting snowman wearing a black hat that says "Melty" and a blue scarf with "Border Free" printed on it. Text: DIVE$T from the PENTAGON over a simple yellow sun.Click on “Melty” for reports and photos from actions around the country around tax day: Invest in People, Divest from the Pentagon! Also, see the Global Days of Action on Military Spending – NWTRCC is a partner with this worldwide effort

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Let us know what you are doing — any time of year — and we’ll post your war tax resistance actions and events on our website.