Programs & Events

War tax resistance can be a very individual act. You can read the information on this website and become a war tax resister without ever talking with anyone else about it. But by remaining alone, you’d be missing out on at least two important benefits of our network:

  • support and knowledge from other experienced war tax resisters
  • uniting our voices and actions to strengthen our demand that the U.S. government cut off funds for war so we can redirect resources to the pressing needs of people

NWTRCC is a decentralized organization, set up to facilitate the work of groups in the U.S. that promote or support war tax resistance. The pages in this section are meant to connect resisters locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, and to encourage you to take action in your community — on your own, as part of an unaffiliated group, or with other resisters.


NWTRCC sponsors two gatherings a year, in November and May somewhere in the U.S. Everyone interested in war tax resistance is welcome!

Regional and Local Events sponsored by groups around the country are announced or reported here.

International conferences are sponsored by organizers where the event is hosted. Information about upcoming conferences and events is posted on the Conscience and Peace Tax International website.

Tax Day

Tax Day is a traditional day of action for war tax resisters and supporters, but we encourage you to be active any time during the year. See the 2023 reports and photos.

Action Ideas

Ways that even one person can do something!

Hang Up On War

Telephone excise tax resistance has an historic connection to war tax resistance. The most recent campaign was sponsored by a coalition of groups beginning in 2003. Changes in the tax have made this a smaller effort, but we maintain the campaign pages here for those who resist the excise tax on local calls.