War Tax Resistance Resources

NWTRCC produces a variety of tools and resources to support individuals who refuse to pay for war or are considering this form of war resistance. As a network of organizers and organizations, NWTRCC also produces resources for groups and individuals to use in outreach and organizing.

Many of our materials can be read online or downloaded from our website. Some are available for purchase through our Store, and bulk rates are available if you are using them for groups or outreach. Please use our materials with your local contact stamp and help us expand outreach about war tax resistance. And please contact us if you have ideas for new materials.

Under this Resource section you will find:

⇒ Practical Series Booklets and Basic Brochures (free PDF downloads)

⇒ Flyers Free downloads for specific occasions or general information.

Books A reading list of books about war tax resistance or by war tax resisters. Ordering information is listed where available.

Readings Various and sundry essays, writings and links to other blog and pages related to war tax resistance.

Links To groups working on war tax resistance or peace tax campaigns in the U.S. and beyond, and other peace and justice groups.

Video Our introductory 30-minute film Death and Taxes. Order a DVD or watch online.

History Decades of history about refusal to pay war taxes, starting with Lysistrata in 411 B.C.E.

Speakers’ Bureau Invite a war tax resister to come to your group for a workshop or talk.