War tax resisters: Taking action around the world

Divest from the Pentagon! No taxes for war!

I’m so pleased today to highlight some of the amazing work war tax resisters are doing, both in war tax resistance work and in addition to refusing to cooperate with military taxation! Kathy Kelly was arrested yesterday at Volk Field with fellow Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV) activist Brian Terrell for crossing onto the base with a loaf of bread and a letter for drone operators working there. The press release from VCNV states, “People who can’t flee from drone surveillance and attacks have good reason to fear people from the U.S., but instead they have broken bread with Kelly and Terrell and have welcomed opportunities for deepened mutual understanding. Kelly and Terrell carried the loaf of bread to signify […]

Chris Coverdale: 42 days in jail for refusing council tax

Recently Peace News and The Picket Line have posted about Chris Coverdale, a war tax resister in the UK who refused to pay his council tax, totaling approximately £1,800, and was sentenced to 42 days in jail. Coverdale argues that paying council tax would support government-sponsored terrorism in the form of war. He has been refusing to pay taxes for several years. [More about the council tax: It’s a locally collected tax, similar to US property taxes. These taxes are collected for local use by the district (usually just called “council”) but may also be allocated to other authorities, also locally based. Read more about council tax on Wikipedia.] Chris Coverdale said, “I have never refused to pay tax but […]

Professor Yang Yoon-Mo on Taxes and Jeju Naval Base

At one time, Professor Yang Yoon-Mo was the most influential film critic in Korea. His influence was felt in film festivals, academia, and media spanning the political spectrum. Since that time, he has changed course and devoted his life to the struggle against the nominally Korean naval base being constructed in Gangjeong village on the South Korean island of Jeju. He has vowed to continue this struggle until death. Although the South Korean tax system puts the responsibility for collecting “tax obligations” on employers, making it difficult to resist in the way that many U.S. war tax resisters refuse to pay by simply not writing checks to the IRS, Professor Yang’s comments on the fraudulent fleecing of taxpayer money will […]

Greetings from Jeju Island, South Korea

The Korean Navy is destroying Gangjeong Village  (current population around 2,000) and the surrounding area by building a base here. In terms of population, 7-8,000 soldiers and their families are expected in the community. Additionally, bartenders, tattoo artists, prostitutes, and others will be drawn to the area The base itself will accommodate U.S. warships such as Aegis destroyers, nuclear subs, and even aircraft carriers. Pinocchio is a popular character among the resisters here, who believe their government is lying to them (about lots of things, of course, but specifically to this post) about this base’s intended joint civilian- military use. The breathtaking propaganda poster shows a glowing facility with green grass and pristine-looking blue waters harboring 2 warships along with […]