Intersectionality and War Tax Resistance

| Redirection

What is intersectionality and why is it an important concept for war tax resisters to understand? Over the past few years, I’ve heard folks in our network use the word “intersectionality” to describe our aims to work with and support a variety of movements. I’m excited about WTRs working with other movements and organizations! However,… Continue reading

New Resources for Divestment

| NWTRCC News, Redirection
screenshot of the Divest from War, Invest in People website at

NWTRCC has launched a brand new website for our Divest from War, Invest in People campaign! Visit us at Refusing to pay war taxes is divesting from state violence, fossil fuels, and military prisons. Unlike other forms of divestment, war tax refusal often involves civil disobedience. Personally divesting from militarism enables immediate reinvestment in… Continue reading

Starting An Alternative Fund

| Redirection, Things You Can Do

I’m pleased to announce today that NWTRCC has published a variety of articles on starting an alternative fund. Alternative funds are a way for war tax resisters to pool their resisted taxes. An alternative fund may: Hold resisted taxes in an escrow account until the government allows taxpayers to pay taxes without any of that… Continue reading

Divest from war and prisons!

| Federal Income Tax, Redirection

Our Divest from War, Invest in People organizing guide and infographic refer to various divestment movements that our organizing builds on, including fossil fuel, South Africa, Israel, and private prisons. I think most war tax resisters are aware of the first three divestment movements. But you may not be aware of the private prison divestment… Continue reading