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Read from the October/November 2016 issue with these stories

  • Growing the WTR Movement By Ruth Benn and Sam Koplinka-Loehr mtap1016
  • Counseling Notes: Common IRS Collection Letters • Robo Calls Strike Fear
  • Many Thanks to everyone who supports NWTRCC with their volunteer time or financial donations and to the following groups for recent donations
  • Network List Updates
  • International
  • Book Reviews: Resistance and Redirection: Our First Forty Years • The Half Life of a Free Radical: Growing up Irish Catholic in Jim Crow Memphis • Paying the Price for Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson
  • War Tax Resistance Ideas and Actions:New England Gathering of
    War Tax Resisters and Supporters • The People Want Justice • WTRs Out and About
  • Resources: A chest is a terrible thing to waste
  • NWTRCC News: November War Tax Resistance Gathering • Upcoming Events • Remembrances
  • PROFILE: Resistance to War Tax: A Christian Perspective
    By Nathan Beall

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