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Read from the April/May 2018 issue with these stories:

  • 2018 Tax Day Actions by Erica Leigh
  • “Bond Slackers” Refused War Loans By David Gross
  • Counseling Notes: Traveling Resisters • Glitches with the Tax Overhaul Bill • Interest Adds Up — But How Much? • Estate and Gift Tax Exempt Amounts • Health Care Mandate and 2017 Tax Returns
  • Many Thanks to everyone who supports NWTRCC with their volunteer time or financial donations and to the following groups for recent donations
  • Network List Updates
  • War Tax Resistance Ideas and Actions: Starting a War Tax Resistance Support Group • Send Greetings to the IRS • Review: Walden, The Game
  • Resources: New Pie Chart • Divest From War With The Peace Tax Return • Divest From War Website
  • NWTRCC News: Divest from War · Invest in People • craigslist Charitable Fund Comes Through Again • Social Media • NWTRCC Coordinator Hiring Update
  • PROFILE: Reflections on War Tax Resistance Actions By Michael McCarthy

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