WTR Counselor Page

War Tax Resistance Counselor’s Reference Page

Links and announcements for  counselors in NWTRCC’s network. If you have not read the Practical Series recently, please do. Read it online, or ask for copies from the NWTRCC office.

Quarterly Counseling Update Calls

The calls are open to any WTR counselors & occur at 8pm Easter / 5pm Pacific on the last Tuesday of January, April, July, & October. The NWTRCC Coordinator shares what issues have been prominent lately & callers are bring their own concerns. The phone calls are recorded. If you missed or were not able to make a call, and would like to listen to the latest call, contact Lincoln at nwtrcc@nwtrcc.org or 262-399-8217. He can provide a link to the recording.

Facts Sheets

Fact Sheet 1 – Student Financial Aid (PDF)
Fact Sheet 2 – Frivolous Penalty Letters (PDF and web text version)
Fact Sheet 3 – Passports, Citizenship, Living Abroad (PDF)
Fact Sheet 4 – Affordable Care Act (PDF)
Fact Sheet 5 – The Hobby Lobby Case and WTRs Going to court (PDF)

Nonprofit Organizations and War Tax Resistance

Counseling Notes – A page collecting notes from More Than A Paycheck newsletters

Useful Blogs on the NWTRCC website

Happy New Year! Want to be a war tax resister? (links for beginners)

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Tangled Up In Banking

Tax Day Resistance, Redirection and Planning Ahead

On Being a Public War Tax Resister

How Can I divest from the Pentagon? 

Pleading the 5th to the IRS

Will I go to jail if I refuse war taxes?

Understanding Common IRS Collection Letters

Mutual Aid and War Tax Resistance

Choosing Simple Living