No tax dollars for the war in Yemen

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Throughout this year and last, the war in Yemen has been on my mind. The desperate ongoing humanitarian crisis, the devastation of war, and the United States government’s complicity all weigh heavily on me. Some, mostly Democrats, in Congress are coming around to criticizing this war, and even criticizing Saudi Arabia. If only they’d spoken… Continue reading

Keep resistance alive in 2018

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"I know first hand how hard NWTRCC's coordinators work to spread the word about war tax resistance and to create and provide resources. All this work requires money to continue." - Peter Smith and Ellyn Stecker

Just a brief post this week! Please support the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee with a generous donation by December 31! We want to keep going strong in 2018, able to address new events and concerns in the struggle against war – but also keep up our solid work in providing community and support for… Continue reading

Podcast #7: New War Tax Resisters

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Listen now: Podcast #7: Why and How I Became a War Tax Resister We’re happy to present today a series of interviews with brand new war tax resisters. These folks started their war tax resistance in the past year, spurred on by varying political circumstances and the need to take some sort of concrete action… Continue reading

Divest from war and prisons!

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Our Divest from War, Invest in People organizing guide and infographic refer to various divestment movements that our organizing builds on, including fossil fuel, South Africa, Israel, and private prisons. I think most war tax resisters are aware of the first three divestment movements. But you may not be aware of the private prison divestment… Continue reading

You should read our newsletter


Before there was a National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) blog, there was the newsletter. It’s taken a few different forms over the years – it started as the print-only Network News. Eventually we started putting it online too. Now a pretty large portion of readers get it online only as More Than a… Continue reading

Seeking more tax resistance to Trump

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Anti-Trump rally

Many people began their war tax resistance as a direct response to a war, a battle, or an atrocity, such as the Vietnam War, the Iraq wars, US interventions in Central America, or the ongoing training at the School of the Americas. In the past year, new resisters (some calling themselves war tax resisters, some… Continue reading

The latest travel ban expands US wars

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on left: "Wars create refugees. Our taxes fund the wars. National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee -" on right: photo of truck driving toward refugee camp with many white tents.

The Trump administration released a new travel ban on Sunday, September 24, 2017. This new travel ban includes majority-Muslim countries covered under previous travel bans (Somalia, Iran, Syria, and Yemen), but also includes provisions preventing certain kinds of travel to the US from Libya, Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela. People are worried that this expansion… Continue reading

Finding humor in the struggle

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"The most interesting man in the world" from the Dos Equis ad says, "I don't always resist taxes, but when I do it's because they fund racist wars."

Do you need a laugh these days? I definitely do. A lot of times, I rely on humor that’s based on things happening in real life. Here are some things that have made me laugh, even if I’m laughing ruefully. The Onion – Military-Industrial Complex Recalls Coming Together After 9/11 this article and video from… Continue reading

Getting some fresh air

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Collective Redirection organizers, grantors, and grantees at May 2017 NWTRCC gathering in St. Louis, MO

August went by in a flash for me, among unexpected extra work projects (glad to have the extra money), a trip to see the eclipse in Oregon (amazing), keeping up with my activist commitments outside war tax resistance (I think I did a pretty good job), and coping with the daily news of further assaults,… Continue reading

Matthew Hoh – From the Military to WTR: Podcast #6

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This is episode 6 of the War Tax Talk podcast. Today, we hear former State Department official and Marine Corps officer Matthew Hoh’s speech to the May 2017 NWTRCC gathering in St. Louis, MO. Matt talks how he got into the military, how he eventually left the State Department when he no longer believed in… Continue reading