Tax Day 2024 Reports & Photos

Tax Day was Monday April 15, 2024 and folks throughout the US gathered around this date to raise awareness that close to half of federal income taxes are directed toward war. They also encouraged others to resist paying taxes and redirect money to community needs. You can use these links to find the 2024 press release as well as recent articles and interviews.


Penny Poll at Arcata Farmers Market.


On Saturday, April 13, we conducted the annual Penny Poll at the Arcata Farmers Market. It is usually in front of the US post office, but in this electronic age, people rarely mail their tax returns anymore. About 165 people voted by distributing ten pennies among ten containers labeled to represent major government programs. By choosing where they want their federal tax dollars to go, they also inform the community about their priorities.

The graph of the Penny Poll votes by Humboldt County taxpayers looks like an inverted image of the federal government priorities.  The federal budget allocates over 55% of our discretionary budget tax dollars to the military, and a total of 27% to Education, Health, Environment, Housing and Social Services. This year, people chose to give only 4% to the military. Report, graphic, and photo from Dave Meserve.

Penny Poll Results


On Sunday April 14, the People’s Life Fund held a granting ceremony, where it redirected $67,000 to community organizations. We offer grants to groups that are providing essential day-to-day human services which the government is not adequately furnishing, and/or addressing the root causes of a problem by engaging in education or action, in the spirit of nonviolence, aimed at social, economic, or political change. Grantees included the Arab Film and Media Institute, Graduate Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Berkeley, Indigenous Peoples Day Committee, Regional Tenant Organizing Network, Rogers and Rosewater Soup Kitchen, and Support for Intertribal Gatherings. Report by People’s Life Fund.


On Tax Day, volunteers from the Chico Peace Alliance leafleted with the WRL tax pie chart for four hours. Our penny poll only had 20 participants this year. Results were:

45.9% Human Resources

22.3% Physical Resources

13.1% Past Military

12.3% General Government

6.2% Current Military.

Report from Chris Nelson.


Penny Poll in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs

We had 35 “takers” for the penny poll, more for the pie chart leaflets. Poll results: Education 24%, Environment 19%, Housing 17%, Healthcare 15%, Military 11%, Infrastructure 7 %, Arts 6%. Guess it shows we’re  a city with big military presence — five bases and oodles of contractors… but hey, human needs still won. Report and photo from Mary Sprunger-Froese.





I made a hundred copies of the War Resisters League pie chart on where our income taxes go. I handed them out on Tax Day at a Democratic Women’s Club luncheon, 104 members in attendance as well as Gainesville Mayor and our Sheriff. I gave a short speech about how so much of our tax dollars goes to the military. True defense is a well-educated, healthy citizenry that is proud of their country. When I mentioned over 700 US military bases around the world, people shook their heads, not in a good way! I also handed out about a dozen pie charts to merchants—grocery store, sandwich shop, etc. I also handed out a few at the free church lunch. Report by Jackie Betz.



We gathered in front of the local post office with handouts from National Priorities Project… showing the federal budget priorities and showing that the Pentagon budget is higher than the next 10 nations. We also used some handouts from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights showing Biden’s ’25 discretionary budget numbers. Another flyer showed how many US families could benefit from Public Housing if we stopped arming the genocide. We always have great conversations with passersby. Report from Rosalie Paul.



We had a very successful picket. Sixteen people showed up, lots of engaging signage (including several lent to us by the Muslim-led Community Alliance for Peace and Justice) and an uplifting report from the folks leafleting inside the post office. Apparently those coming and going were open-minded, receptive to flyers, and generally seemed supportive of our message. Report and photo by Patricia Kirkpatrick.

A few of the vigilers in Worcester.

New York


We had the biggest turnout in years, due to the fact that folks concerned about Gaza “hitched” onto our war tax resistance event. We had about 25 folks, which is a lot for us. Thanks for all your good work! Report and photo by Mary Loehr.

Tax Day vigil in Ithaca, New York.


Tax Day (April 15th) – Our annual tax day presence at the IRS was a lively affair this year thanks to musical accompaniment of the Raging Grannies and Filthy Rotten System, and an array of passers-by who offered support or challenged our message — some more politely than others.

The surge in interest in war tax resistance has been heartening, but we know we have a long way to go to turn the policies of this country around. Refusing to pay for war is really  every-day resistance as taxes accompany most employment and the IRS can come calling any time. Here in New York City we plan to offer a series of informal get-togethers to keep answering questions and offering support to new (and ongoing) resisters. Report by Ruth Benn & Photo by Ed Hedemann.

Manhattan Tax Day Protest.



Planet vs Pentagon, Taxes for Peace Not War,  and Extinction Rebellion flyered,  tabled, and held up banners and signs outside the Eugene Public Library on Tax Day. We used to demonstrate in front of the post office, but now the library has more foot traffic and cars passing than the post office. We conducted the penny poll, and as always, Eugene people wanted very little going to the military and more going to human services and the environment. Over $3,000 was resisted locally and given away to local groups helping people without homes and the environment and to groups helping Palestinians.

Also, on Saturday March 23, about twenty people attended a WTR workshop and they decided to start a group called $29 for Palestine to resist 29 dollars, what someone figured out is about how much  of our tax dollars are going to the genocide in Gaza. Report from Sue Barnhart.

Tax Day in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Michael Sundlightner.


We had a Tax day program on April 13th at the St. Andrews church and showed the documentary made in 2010 by NWTRCC called “Death and Taxes.” Interesting to note that the documentary mentioned that even if you’re being harassed by the IRS, we still have it better than “the women in Gaza.” I also wanted to let people know that the IRS is no longer in the business of foreclosing on people’s houses for back taxes. Somehow that has really been ingrained by the IRS that “if you don’t pay, we’ll take your house.” I gave a short talk on WTR but as we didn’t have time to answer all questions, we’ll have to do a full workshop soon. Paul Maresh was there with his Penny Poll, and many people participated. If only it were as easy with how we ACTUALLY want our tax dollars spent!

Our guest speaker, and recipient of some of our redirected tax dollars was Shawn Bargouti with the American Council for Palestine(ACP). He is an American Palestinian who has made Portland his home since 1989 and is extremely knowledgeable about the history and politics of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Shawn gave a very eye-opening and informative slideshow presentation that included the history of Palestine for the last 100 years. (Why does the U.S. support Israel??) He also shared some of the campaigns that the ACP is working on, including supporting Palestinians who are running for office and encouraging people to vote “non-committed” in the primaries. This led to an engaging conversation and I think all left with a better understanding of past and current situations in Gaza.

On the morning commute on April 15th, two groups were on  the bridges holding signs. We received lots of positive responses of thumbs up and peace signs, but also a few one finger salutes. I’m sure those people must have been from out of town! Overall a great day! Report and photos from Kima Garrison.



Over the noon hour on Saturday April 13 in Lancaster’s square, I operated a Penny Poll with a couple Peace Action Network of Lancaster colleagues. In anticipation of last Tuesday’s Tax Day, we gave passersby opportunities to vote on how they would like their federal tax dollars spent by putting 10 pennies into any of ten categories. Eighty-four passersby participated with the following results:

Agriculture – 7%
Diplomacy – 5%
Education – 17%
Environment (Green Energy) – 14%
Health – 18%
Housing – 11%
Mass Transit/Roads – 5%
Military/Homeland Security – 10%
Veterans – 11%
Other – 2%

Total – 100%

Report and photos from H. A. Penner.

Penny Poll set up in Lancaster.Penny Poll set up in Lancaster.

Penny Poll in Lancaster



April 15 Tax Day at the Brattleboro Food Coop was a beautiful, sunny wind-free day that my WTR friend Lindsey Britt of Taxes for Peace, New England and myself thoroughly enjoyed, in coming out of a cold Vermont winter. Although stoppers-by did not take very much of the extensive WTR literature that was available, we were engaged in many interesting conversations and our presence during the 7 hours was well-advertised via signs facing in every direction. The way I see it, “being there” is what really counts, since it basically says, “No More Business as Usual. There is another path available other than paying for war.” Report from Daniel Sicken.



About forty people gathered beside the Harrisonburg Farmers Market at noon on Saturday, April 13 for our 3rd annual Taxes for Peace event.

Over thirty members of Shenandoah Taxes for Peace donated a total of $6,188 to organizations doing peace, relief and development work locally and around the world. Of this amount, $1,766 came from resisted war taxes, and the remainder came from donations in solidarity with the war tax resisters in our group. Report from Tim Godshall.



On April 13th, Casa Maria Catholic Worker, Milwaukee War Tax Resisters, and Peace Action Wisconsin held a vigil outside the U.S. Army Reserve to protest federal tax dollars for war and genocide. There was a lot of car traffic and the response to our message was more positive than in previous years. Report by Lincoln Rice.

Group photo of Tax Day vigilers in Milwaukee. It’s appropriate that the street sign in front of the Army Reserve says “Dead End.” Photo courtesy of Peace Action Wisconsin.

Western Wisconsin Bike Ride

Captain “A” is an antiwar activist from Lone Rock, Wisconsin. He did a bike ride in costume this Tax Day weekend, April 13 – 14 from Lone Rock to Madison and back. In a fun way, he brought attention to the obscene amount of our tax money that goes to war and militarism. He stopped at many towns along the way, and he invited people to ride with him. Report and photo from the Madison chapter of World Beyond War.

Captain “A” stopping for a photo along his western Wisconsin trip.