Tax Day

NWTRCC promotes tax day actions every year, collecting a list of actions around the U.S. and sending out a press release widely in early April and posting reports on our website and on our Facebook page. Look under our Media link above for “articles” and “podcasts” for recent news items.

Tax Day April 18, 2017

Asheville, NC

List of Tax Day Reports and Photos from around the country — with more to be added soon.

2017 Tax Day Press Release – “Tax Day Protests Highlight Refusal to Pay for War

2017 Collective Redirection to Black, Brown, and Indigenous Resistance — report with tally of redirection coming soon!

Be a public war tax resister – add your name to the sign on statement and also see our War Tax Boycott sign on list.

Previous Years: Days of War Tax Action 2016

drawing of melting snowman wearing a black hat that says "Melty" and a blue scarf with "Border Free" printed on it. Text: DIVE$T from the PENTAGON over a simple yellow sun.Click on “Melty” for reports and photos from actions around the country around tax day: Invest in People, Divest from the Pentagon! Also, see the Global Days of Action on Military Spending – NWTRCC is a partner with this worldwide effort

Reports from 2015

Let us know what you are doing — any time of year — and we’ll post your war tax resistance actions and events on our website.