Knowing is Half the Battle

There is a lot of confusion around taxes in the US, especially around federal income taxes. Many taxpayers are unaware that every year around 50% of taxes goes towards warfare and increased militarism worldwide. And in the wars since 9/11 about half of those tax monies go towards private contractors.  Then there is the fear… Continue reading

Someday at Christmas…Dreams Can Come True

seasons greetings in lights above a street with Ferguson police officers in background

For the past 17 years there has been a local tradition of singing holiday songs with a distinctively antiwar theme. Celia’s Yuletide Express makes stops throughout the St. Louis area to bring merriment and joy to union halls, neighborhood associations, bars, and public transit stops. While the past two seasons have been adapted to the… Continue reading

Roger Franklin: Inspiring Noncooperation

Roger Franklin 2008

Refusing to pay taxes to avoid complicity in state preparations to commit genocide with nuclear weapons, long time British war tax resister Roger Franklin was sentenced to 28 days in Gloucester Prison (and a further 21 days in 1996). His run-ins with the tax collectors also led to bankruptcy proceedings against him. (From NWTRCC’s History… Continue reading

Report from NWTRCC’s November 2021 Conference

NWTRCC held its fourth online conference the weekend of 5 – 7 November 2021. About 50 people attended some portion of the conference, which began the evening of Friday November 5 with a social hour. For the social hour, we broke out twice into random groups of five or six people for 23 minutes. It… Continue reading

Unpacking Pandora’s Box: The Tax Gift That Keeps On Giving

Recently there was a conversation about death and taxes on the radio. The conversation was in light of the recently released Pandora Papers, which exposed the hidden finances of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people. In October, the International Consortium of Investigative Reporters (ICIJ) released over 12 million troves of documents revealing how heads… Continue reading

On the Brink

People are rising up and demanding action on climate change and a new vision for the world.  Tremendous sustained pressure is building on politicians to reset policy and save the planet. World leaders are set to attend the COP-26 Conference in Glasgow this week. Our collective action can tip the balance. Protest in the streets,… Continue reading

We Can All Say “No!”

“What we say to a society of murder and racism is a very simple no. What we say to our brothers across this country and around the world is a very simple word. That word is RESIST!” — David Harris, at a 1960s antiwar protest David Harris is one of the featured draft resisters and… Continue reading

Beauty Will Save the World

The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee’s November Conference will kick off with a social hour to connect with folks in the network on November 5th. The full schedule is here as well as information on how to register. Saturday will feature a panel discussion with tax resisters from Europe including speakers from Money Rebellion,… Continue reading

Billions, Billions & Billions…Who’s Counting?

On September 1st, the US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee backed a proposal to increase military spending for the Department of Defense by $25 Billion. That total was more than the Biden Administration had requested of $715 Billion. The vote was 42 to 17 which passed in the Senate.  Many have been raising the… Continue reading

IRS Circumvents “Statute of Limitations”

Three letters arrived from the IRS within a week of each other. On the one hand this is rather exciting since the IRS has been quiet for the last few years, and I haven’t had much to report as far as consequences of refusal to pay. At the same time, it could take months of correspondence to sort out what they’ve done.

Website Refresh, Peace Week, & Extinction Rebellion

It has been a busy month around the NWTRCC office. We have been in the process of refreshing our website and putting together the program for our national conference in November… among other things. So here is the lowdown.

Moral Injury – It’s Not Just For Soldiers

“It’s been a hard week for Afghanistan veterans,” began an article on the front page of the local newspaper.  While there has been a dizzying amount of every person turned pundit about the war; many of them are on the defense industry dole and would like to see the war continue into the third decade.