The Bottom Line

Since World War II, the percentage of Federal funds from income taxes that goes to the military in the United States has varied from about 45% to 90%. While spending on the pandemic has skewed the numbers to the lower end, the average taxpayer paid around $2,200 to the military in 2022. While it is… Continue reading

Beyond Tax Day

Just like the Vernal Equinox, Tax Day came and went. As the national deadline to pay federal income taxes settled back into April, the frenetic energy seemed to be more prevalent this year. Over 20 public actions took place across the US to raise awareness that close to half of personal income taxes goes towards… Continue reading

The Season of Growth and Resistance

Image of a bomb with the words 'They got money for war' and a hand with tbhe words "but can't feed the poor." attibuted to Tupac Shakur

“…we cannot turn a blind eye to the people within our community whose basic needs go unmet, knowing that more will join their ranks with budget cuts. What if instead we insisted upon diverting $20,000 to 2,800 homeless households a month? What if, since no one is listening to our pleas of no intensified war… Continue reading

Change Is Hard, Change Is Possible

David Gross - war tax resisters aren't buying it

An article about how climate change is going to impact federal spending caught my eye today. Mostly it got me vaguely thinking about how difficult it is to change — especially on the national scale. The article is about the Biden administration’s warning that climate change is going to cost the federal government a lot… Continue reading

Yes Love, No War

Robert Randall, a long time war tax resister (WTR) was remembered on Valentine’s Day by some of the communities that he was instrumental in being a part of in recent decades. The memorial was organized by members of the King’s Bay Plowshares action that took place near Robert’s home in Brunswick, Georgia. Robert rose to… Continue reading

Beauty Will Save The World

Weeds grow through cracksPhoto

Anniversaries allow for a period of reflection upon the past and contemplation about the future. As we approach the year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, there has been much discussion of the war and the lack of an end in sight. It was a few days before Russia invaded Ukraine that they pulled out… Continue reading

Pie Chart Prognosis

I’m rather caught up in the past lately, what with working on the War Resisters League 100th anniversary and helping finalize an unpublished autobiography by WWI resister and war tax resister Max Sandin. So, lacking any other ideas for a post here, I decided  see what was in the NWTRCC newsletter 10 years ago. The… Continue reading

Take Action Before the Clock Stikes Midnight

NWTRCC Events  Last week NWTRCC hosted a War Tax Resistance/Refusal/Redirection (WTR) 101 online. It was an interactive, engaging conversation. We have been hearing from practitioners of WTR who have been living under the taxable income who anticipate that changing or do not see that path as sustainable. It is encouraging to be engaged with people… Continue reading

Online War Tax Resistance Workshops & May Meeting Location


NWTRCC will be busy online this tax season with a WTR 101, a counselors training, and a social media workshop. We will offer a WTR 101 workshop on Saturday January 28, 2023 at noon Eastern/ 9a Pacific. Because of the packed schedule at our November meeting, we did not have a 101 session that weekend…. Continue reading

Robert Randall: Presente / Always Present

Reading my way through the New York Times one morning in May 2020, a photo caught my eye. It was a shot of a crowd from behind, but the one visible sign read “It Is NOT ok to Kill People.” The accompanying article was about the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia, and it… Continue reading