Online War Tax Resistance Workshops & May Meeting Location


NWTRCC will be busy online this tax season with a WTR 101, a counselors training, and a social media workshop. We will offer a WTR 101 workshop on Saturday January 28, 2023 at noon Eastern/ 9a Pacific. Because of the packed schedule at our November meeting, we did not have a 101 session that weekend…. Continue reading

Robert Randall: Presente / Always Present

Reading my way through the New York Times one morning in May 2020, a photo caught my eye. It was a shot of a crowd from behind, but the one visible sign read “It Is NOT ok to Kill People.” The accompanying article was about the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia, and it… Continue reading

NWTRCC 40th Anniversary Quiz

NWTRCC Trivia During NWTRCC’s 40th anniversary conference celebration in November, we had a session dedicated to team trivia using Zoom breakout rooms. If you were not able to join us, you can still test your NWTRCC knowledge. Here is the quiz that we offered. If you can answer 12 out of the 17 questions correctly,… Continue reading

Paying Dues

It was in the context of the Catholic Worker that I began to learn of the many motivations of those who refuse to pay for war. Lana Jacobs who I lived with in the community in Columbia, Missouri explained to me and others quite simply that we paid our personal property taxes as one measure… Continue reading

Christmas Truce Redux

There has been a recent push advocating for a truce in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Advocates are asking for a cessation of violence from December 25 through  January 7. NWTRCC has blogged about the history of the Truce in World War I as well as other holiday traditions that celebrate peace at this… Continue reading

Move the Money — Mine and the Pentagon’s

NYC city hall press conference

I eagerly await my next letter from the IRS. I just got a letter from them “correcting” my 1040 for tax year 2020, filed on tax day, May 17, 2021. This latest letter came “right on time”; when I called in July 2022 the IRS employee told me it would be 16 weeks before my… Continue reading

Report on the 16th International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns

The 16th International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns Geneva Switzerland  September 17, 2022 Participants:  Switzerland, UK,  Germany, Italy, Colombia, Belgium, USA,  attendance both in person and online. NWTRCC participants Ruth Benn, Cathy Deppe, Eleanor Forman, William Ruhaak.   Major Organizing for Conference:  CPTI–Conscience and Peace Tax International Board of Directors, with… Continue reading

Inspiration from the Past for the Present

Alaska billboard 1990

While NWTRCC is celebrating its 40 years, I’m taking a second trip down memory lane with a volunteer project of sorting, filing and reorganizing the War Resisters League photo file. WRL produced many publications throughout its history (October 2022 is the 99th anniversary of WRL’s founding), so going through the five-drawer filing cabinet folder by… Continue reading

Early Memories of NWTRCC

[Editor’s Note: The following two stories were shared in our recent 40th anniversary newsletter. We will continue celebrating our 40th anniversary at our 4-6 November 2022 conference on Zoom. You can see the full schedule and register here.] The Origins of NWTRCC By Bill Durland-Littleton, Colorado It was 1982, and Genie and I had moved… Continue reading

Making War Tax Resistance Visible and Accessible 101

NWTRCC will again be participating in the Campaign Nonviolence Action Week offering a War Tax Resistance 101 session on Thursday September 29 at 8:30p Eastern/ 5:30p Pacific. The webinar will be one of more than 4,570 actions worldwide advocating for peace and nonviolence. Pace e Bene has coordinated the week of actions that begins on… Continue reading