Celebrate MLK Jr Day with a War Tax Resistance 101 Session

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Since the invasion of Gaza, the NWTRCC office has been very busy providing War Tax Resistance 101 sessions online and promoting war tax resistance on social media. In January, we are continuing this trend. On Wednesday January 10, Chrissy Kirchhoefer and I offered a WTR 101 to a group of folks who gathered in person at the Yes We Cannibal art space in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This coming Monday January 15th, on Martin Luther King Jr Day, Chrissy and I will be offering a War Tax Resistance 101 for our new friends, We the People, who have initiated a campaign for widespread, symbolic tax resistance (#TaxBlackout). Their stated goal “is to persuade 50 million Americans to participate in a Tax Blackout this April 2024 by refusing to pay at least 5% of their income taxes and donating that money to community-building organizations and emergency relief for Gaza.” Nick and June, the founders of the group, also authored a blog post for us on this topic in December.

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Spread the word! Everyone is welcome to join this upcoming War Tax Resistance 101 session, which will be offered on the Geneva app. The We The People group on the Geneva app was created to be a safe space to educate, organize, and mobilize. Geneva was borne out of a need for an easy-to-use, all-in-one, bot- and troll-free online forum that allows for non-censored conversations. We the People is closed group that cannot be found by searching for them on the Geneva app. So after downloading the Geneva app, email wtp.resist@gmail.com, and tell them you heard about the group from NWTRCC and that you would like an invite to join their group on Geneva. Don’t forget to tell them your user name on Geneva.

Within their group on the Geneva app, they have subgroups on a variety of topics and an announcement board. They have also been regularly holding town halls that are open to all.

Lastly, to avoid any confusion, this new group has nothing to do with the We the People Foundation, which is a tax protester group.

~Post by Lincoln Rice