Tax Day 2024- Here we Come!

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Tax Day is soon approaching! We would love to know about your plans for tax day.

NWTRCC is hosting an introduction to war tax resistance (WTR 101) session on Saturday March 2nd starting at 1pm Eastern time. Already there are 400 people registered. It is one of the largest registrations that we have had yet for a 101 session. The response on social media has  seen some of the highest engagement with the session being shared over 125 times. Please keep sharing with your networks. It is quite simple and make a big difference!

The increased interest has led us to offer another 101 session on March 14th starting at 2pm Eastern time.  You can find a link to register for the session on March 2nd here and the March 14th session here. We have also assisted local groups in hosting WTR 101 sessions. Portland, Oregon hosting a second introduction ot WTR after the one held in January reached capacity. NWTRCC has a PowerPoint presentation that is available for groups interested in hosting 101 sessions. 

Another gauge of interest in war tax resistance was a record number of participants at the Counselor’s Training. Twenty-four people who had been to a 101 session attended an additional  five hour session to learn more about the various approaches to WTR. It is inspiring to witness so many people seeking out up to date information not only for themselves but to share with their communities. 

With so much information changing year to year with tax filing and the variety of approaches that people take with resisting tax money for militarism, it is a lot to take in for those wanting to assist and support others in navigating this process.Fortunately, NWTRCC has an extensive website and strong network of people who hold collective knowledge that is certain to answer almost any question. With so many new people committing to not paying taxes this year, NWTRCC wants to ensure that people are prepared as best they can be for potential consequences. 

Tell us how you are preparing for Tax Day. We know that many who engage in WTR redirect money into community needs instead of war. if you have plans for redirection please let us know. In our most recent newsletter, More Than a Paycheck there is a form that requests information about redirection efforts and tax day as well as requests for lit kits to assist in tax day actions.  actions that you can find a link to here.  You can  find the most recent MTAP newsletter here or find more information about Tax Day 2024 on our website here

Also save the date for NWTRCC’s May Conference May 3-5 which will be online. We will share details as they become available. 

Post by Chrissy Kirchhoefer


2 thoughts on “Tax Day 2024- Here we Come!”

  1. Taxes for Peace New England is again looking forward to tabling on Tax Day at the Brattleboro (VT) Food Co-op. That said I continue to wonder as I have for the past eight or so years: Why the focus on April 15th events? It’s never made much sense to me to tell people about tax resistance the day taxes are due, most people have already turned in their taxes. Seems more realistic to tell people about WTR in January/February.

    1. Chrissy Kirchhoefer says:

      Great points! You definitely are not alone in raising these questions. While tax day has been a time to mobilize actions to raise awareness about how much of our federal income taxes goes towards militarism, NWTRCC continually raises these points year round. Focusing on the needs within our communities and redirecting resources to these needs are practices that people can engage in year round. This year NWTRCC has been hosting regular introductions to war tax resistance since November to assist people pursuing this path and ensuring adequate time to prepare.

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