Video/audio from our last two conferences now available!

We recorded audio from two workshops during our May 2015 conference in Milwaukee. Patrick Kennelly’s workshop presentation on the Afghan Peace Volunteers. The first couple minutes are low volume, then it adjusts. mp3 file may take a little while to load. (Audio only) Methods of Resistance with Mary Watkins, an activist in Milwaukee who has… Continue reading

Find Us at the U.S. Social Forum, June 24-28!

NWTRCC is making a big push to get war tax resisters to the U.S. Social Forum sites in Philadelphia and San Jose for a weekend of workshops, People’s Movement Assemblies, organizing, getting to know people, and of course, spreading the word about war tax resistance. The Philly workshop, called Violence and War; Conscience and Taxes,… Continue reading

Summer Reading of Resistance

Ruth compiled a long list of summer reading books on war tax resistance. Some are available from NWTRCC and the others can be ordered elsewhere online. For longtime and new resisters alike, our Practical WTR series has a lot of important information that will help you figure out how to do war tax resistance in… Continue reading

Is it ever right to refuse, on principle, to pay taxes?

Mentor, friend, farmer, war tax refuser Juanita Nelson died on March 9, 2015, and the memorial for her was May 30. Below is a sample of Juanita’s thinking from a point/counterpoint op-ed in the Sunday Republican, Springfield, Mass, April 4, 1993. The article turned up in a folder of miscellaneous documents from Pioneer Valley War… Continue reading

The Mysterious Ways of the IRS

“The Mysterious Ways of the IRS” was a topic of conversation during a recent war tax resistance (WTR) workshop. Many of the questions from resisters —whether new or longtime — related to “what might happen when.” If I file, when will the first IRS collection letter arrive? How long will it take them to seize… Continue reading

Frances Crowe: Finding Her Radical Soul

A couple of weeks ago, as we were eating lunch on the porch of Casa Maria Catholic Worker, Ruth talked about meeting her mentor in activism, Frances Crowe, in Western Massachusetts. When Frances saw Ruth wearing an anti-nuclear T-shirt, Frances, ever the organizer, came up and introduced herself immediately. Frances was a long-time staff member for… Continue reading

May in Milwaukee

Another enjoyable time at NWTRCC’s May conference in Milwaukee! Our hosts, Casa Maria Catholic Worker (with lead organizer Lincoln Rice), did a great job with the weekend. As the Administrative Committee wrapped up our preparation for the business meeting on Friday, other folks who arrived early got to see some papers from Christian anarchist and… Continue reading

Not Paying for Nukes

Thousands marched to and rallied at the United Nations Sunday, April 26, to protest nuclear weapons. Two days later 22 were arrested blockading the U.S. Mission to the UN demanding disarmament not more talk. The United Nations holds a review of the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty every five years. Hundreds of Japanese — including still… Continue reading

This Tax Day, A 23-Year-Old Refuses to Pay for War

by Sam Koplinka-Loehr, Philadelphia, PA Since I was born in 1991, the U.S. Government has been in a non-stop state of war, and has spent trillions of dollars on killing people overseas. As a young person growing up in the United States, I saw our schools faltering. I saw income inequality growing. I saw communities… Continue reading

“All they have to do is draft our dollars”: A Pre-Tax Day News Roundup

As Tax Day approaches, war tax resisters are making the news: Elizabeth Boardman’s case against the IRS was rejected by the 9th Circuit. Read Peter J. Reilly’s report in Forbes. Later that week, Mr. Reilly published another piece, discussing the types of people who don’t pay taxes: evaders, protesters, and resisters. Longtime war tax resister,… Continue reading

A Few Clicks to Support War Tax Resisters

In addition to turning out for a Tax Day event in your area, as long as you’re online, why not take a minute to support NWTRCC and get more connected to the war tax resistance movement? You can: 1) friend us on Facebook, join our Facebook group, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter,… Continue reading