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Paul Sheldon

April 10, 2006 To the Internal Revenue Service: I support my country in all its peaceful endeavors, but for reasons of conscience and religious faith I do not support my country in its preparation for war and in war making. I am deeply troubled by the fact that about half of the federal tax that… Continue reading

Robert Randall Ⅱ

April 10, 2006 Internal Revenue Service Center Atlanta, GA 39901-0002 Re: 2005 1040 return for [SSN] To Whom It May Concern: Once again this year I am unable to pay any federal income tax which you might deem “due” from me. As I have stated to you in years past, I am a Christian. It would… Continue reading

Andrew Curtis

April 8, 2006 Internal Revenue Service Andover, MA 05501 To Whom It May Concern: Though my return shows I owe a balance to the IRS, I cannot in conscience pay any more money than has already been withheld from my paycheck knowing it will go to finance war. The Federal Government, after passing massive tax… Continue reading

Mary Ann C. Holtz (2006)

March 6, 2006 To the people working in the IRS, to President Bush, to Senators Nelson and Martinez, and to Congressman C.W. Bill Young: This is my annual letter of conscience and plea to my government to begin to respect the consciences and religious freedom of those of us who are opposed to war. And… Continue reading

The Making of an Activist

by Peter Smith I was a product of the 50s: Civil Defense drills, the Red Menace, McCarthyism, super patriotism, Korean War, etc. I joined NROTC in college so my parents would not have to pay my tuition and books. I had two younger sisters they needed to send to college. I did not like Navy life and… Continue reading

Rebecca Nellenback

Internal Revenue Service Center Andover, MA 05501-0102 Dear Fellow Human Being, Enclosed you will find my tax returns for the 2004 tax year, and my payment voucher. You will notice that I have not included payment. I imagine that you are tired, that you have worked long hours. Perhaps your back hurts; you have been… Continue reading

David Hazen

On Tax Day, April 15, 2005, the Eugene Register Guard published the following: Guest Viewpoint: Tax resistance is everyone’s moral charge By David Hazen Due to recent events within the Bush administration, I have been forced to reconsider my willingness to pay my federal taxes. I am a member of a Christian church in Eugene,… Continue reading

Mary Gibeault

April 15, 2005 To Whom It May Concern: In light of the massive corruption, fraud and misappropriation of working people’s tax money and the use of said money to commit murder and mayhem worldwide I find I must object the misuse of such funds by refusing to pay them. As a conscientious objector to the… Continue reading

The Choice Seems Obvious

by Rev. Bucky Beach It was over 20 years ago that I started nonpayment of taxes owed to the IRS. I was scared, but youth breeds a sense of immortality, which was accompanied by a bit of a chip on my shoulder and a desire to be faithful to what I believed. I did some research and… Continue reading

Debra Valov

Internal Revenue Service Fresno, CA 93888-0102 Dear Internal Revenue Service Person: March 4, 2005 Today I sent in my completed 1040 and check in a separate envelope. I am writing to explain why I have withheld payment of $22.61 from the check in a symbolic act of war tax resistance, even though this amount by… Continue reading

Don Kaufman

Letter to phone company . RE: CREDIT FOR MILITARY-RELATED TAXES From 1968 to the present time my wife and I have declined to pay the Federal excise tax on telephone service. Your company has almost always honored our dissent from this dubious tax which can be traced back to the War Tax Revenue Act of… Continue reading

Steve Anderson

As best as I can remember, this is a copy of the letter I sent to the IRS in lieu of a tax return in 1992. The section in italics was added more recently. To whom it may concern, As a conscientious objector to war, I refuse to participate in the carnage committed by the… Continue reading