Larry Dansinger 2014

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April 15, 2014

To the Internal Revenue Service:

Again in 2013, I am refusing to pay both federal income and social security taxes I owe because the U.S government is using that money to continue its invasion and occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, where thousands of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, and U.S. military personnel are being killed and injured. This is also happening in many other countries because of the militarism of the US government.

I am refusing to pay into the Social Security system because some of that money is being taken from Social Security and put into the General Fund, where it is used instead for military action and other violent purposes to which I am morally opposed.

These invasions and occupations are both immoral and illegal. If I were to pay any money to the U.S. government, I would be an accomplice to these forms of violence that it perpetrates. I will not commit that crime. I would rather violate the law than aid the White House, Pentagon, and Congress as they kill innocent people in the false name of “security.”

We will all benefit if conflicts among ourselves and with other countries are resolved without the use or threat of force, which would free up hundreds of billions of dollars to solve domestic problems such as hunger, a lack of affordable housing, insufficient access to health care, potential climate catastrophe, and jobs that do not pay a Living Wage.


Larry Dansinger