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Paul Sheldon (2013)

For decades I have refused to pay a modest amount of my federal income taxes because about half of that money goes to paying the costs of war. The human costs are incomparably greater. The IRS may get the money eventually, but I live better knowing that I have not simply co-operated with a violent… Continue reading

Lauren Tepper (2013)

March 15, 2013 Dear IRS Personnel: I am thankful to live in a country that allows freedom of speech. For years I have been exercising my right of free speech by protesting the United States’ aggressive militarism. I am working with the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee and withholding a portion of my taxes this year… Continue reading

A Part of My Identity

Q & A with Rev. Andrea Ayvazian MTAP: Tell us a little about yourself. Andrea: When asked about who I am, how to introduce myself, I fumble around and use some or all of these words – I am the proud mother of Sasha Klare-Ayvazian (now 24); I am a woman of faith, a long-time… Continue reading

Professional Life, Public Resistance

By Seth Berner My name is Seth Berner. I’m a poverty lawyer and general human rights activist in Portland, Maine. At some point I realized that I could not act for change and help those in need if I blindly supported the status quo and despair by automatically paying all the taxes my government wanted… Continue reading

Shirley Whiteside (2012)

Tax Day 2012 TO WHOM IT SHOULD CONCERN: Please note that as we pay our 2011 income taxes, we have withheld $100 in protest. We are not opposed to taxes, in fact we believe that they are essential in the provision of a sound social system; for protecting a viable infrastructure and care for the… Continue reading

Sherri Maurin

Tax Day 2012 Dear Friends in the IRS, I have always fulfilled my responsibilities as a citizen of the United States, and I will be submitting my IRS form 1040 for 2011. However, I also believe my responsibilities as a citizen include informing my government of my profound concerns about the use of those taxes… Continue reading

David and Jan Hartsough (2012)

April 2012 Dear Friends We are Conscientious Objectors and cannot in conscience kill other human beings. We deeply believe that we are all God’s children and we are all brothers and sisters. Just as we cannot kill our brother who lives in California, we cannot kill our brothers or sisters who live in Afghanistan, Pakistan… Continue reading

Committed Radicals

By Carol Dotterer My 88-year-old mom, Ruth Kirk, was visiting me in South Carolina when we were asked to write a profile for this newsletter after we asked for some Zombie war tax resistance forms mentioned in the December 2011 issue. Ruth: I sent every senator and representative a copy of the book Addicted to… Continue reading

Douglas and Maureen Mackenzie (2012)

February 29, 2012 Dear IRS employee, On this, the sixth year of our refusal to cooperate with the tax custom of the USA, we write to you to reaffirm our stance. During the blatantly corrupt, feverishly murderous administration of George W. Bush we could not, in good conscience send monetary support to the government, no… Continue reading

A Protest Becomes A Way of Life

Beth Seberger

By Beth Seberger This is the text of Beth’s presentation at the November 2011 WTR gathering in Kansas City. You can watch it on YouTube. In 1970, two years out of college, as a recent arrival to Kansas City, and in the midst of the Vietnam War, I became a war tax resister. Why? Because when I told… Continue reading

Taking Responsibility

By Lauren Tepper “I believe that we must consciously develop a greater sense of Universal Responsibility. We must learn to work not just for our own individual self, family, or nation, but for the benefit of all humankind.” —H.H. the XIVth Dalai Lama “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”… Continue reading

Out on a Limb

By Dee Logan, Cleveland, OH I’ve kept my wages below taxable limits so as not to be required to pay income (war) taxes. And now, due to health issues, I am not employed. However, the year my mom passed on (2002), I did receive some inheritance. Although the financial person said it was not taxable,… Continue reading