“All they have to do is draft our dollars”: A Pre-Tax Day News Roundup

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As Tax Day approaches, war tax resisters are making the news:

  • Elizabeth Boardman’s case against the IRS was rejected by the 9th Circuit. Read Peter J. Reilly’s report in Forbes.
  • Later that week, Mr. Reilly published another piece, discussing the types of people who don’t pay taxes: evaders, protesters, and resisters.
  • Longtime war tax resister, peace activist, and farmer Juanita Nelson passed away March 9. Read articles, obituaries, and remembrances of her life.
  • Don and Peter holding a yellow sign saying in black letters, WAR TAXE$ ARE KILLING US.

    Don Kaufman and Peter Smith (right), at a protest at a Kansas City nuclear weapons facility, November 2011.

    Peter Smith, war tax resister and board member for the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund, was interviewed on Northern Spirit Radio. (I liked this quote from host Mark Helpsmeet, also a war tax resister: “The only reason they’re able to wage this war is because they grab our bodies through the draft, which they’re not doing now. Now they don’t have to draft, all they have to do is draft our dollars. Every bomb that goes down is one that we’ve paid for. All the killing is personal to some of us.”)

  • NWTRCC coordinator Ruth Benn spoke about war tax resistance on Law and Disorder.
  • Add any links I missed in the comments! Stay tuned to our blog and website for our press release (update: press release here) and a Tax Day interview on Occupy Radio.

-Post by Erica