New Video: Letters from War Tax Resisters

| IRS, Personal motivations

Hear three letters from war tax resisters to the IRS, family members, and the local newspaper. [closed captioning available]

This year, as for many decades before, thousands of people around the country are refusing to pay some or all of their federal income taxes as a protest and/or an act of conscientious objection against the 45% of the federal budget that pays for war. We call on all people who desire peace to consider starting war tax resistance.

Margaret says, “I cannot in good conscience send [the IRS] any money which would be used for training, arming or sending military forces to participate in war.” Ari says, “As I calculate my total taxes “owed” I like to dream about how the money will be used. Instead of paying for drones or bombs I am paying to ensure that everyone has access to basic needs and the tools needed to succeed in our community.”

Do you want to learn more? Check out NWTRCC’s resource pages: What is WTR?, How to Resist, Redirection, and Consequences. To get in depth, read our Practical War Tax Resistance series, contact a war tax resistance group or counselor, or contact our office (nwtrcc at nwtrcc dot org • PO Box 150553, Brooklyn, NY 11215‒0553 • (718) 768‒3420 • (800) 269‒7464).