May 2019 NWTRCC CC Meeting Minutes

National War Tax Resistance

Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2019 * Washington, DC

Present: Lincoln Rice, NWTRCC Coordinator (Milwaukee, WI); Bill Glassmire (Corvallis, OR); Sue Barnhart, Taxes for Peace Not War (Eugene, OR); Robert Randall (Brunswick, GA); Chrissy Kirchhoeffer, NWTRCC Outreach Consultant (St. Louis, MO); Gary Erb, Boulder War Tax Information Project (Boulder, CO); Rick Bickhart, co-Treasurer (Staunton, VA); Anne Barron, Peace Resource Center of San Diego + AdComm (San Diego, CA); Carol Coney (Pawleys Island, SC);

Virtual: None

1 – Introduction (Say 2 words that express your expectations for this meeting)

Outreach, Vision, Consensus, Enthusiasm, Business Done, More Resisters, Cooperation, Progress, Inspiration, Learn More

Anne Barron goes over the consensus process.

2 – Consultant Reports

Coordinator (PDF report & Youth Advisory Council report) – Talked about Chrissy’s hiring, Youth Advisory Council, DC planning. Answers to questions: talking to high school & grad student positive–Lincoln will follow up to see if they have anything published, explanation for why Progressive Magazine article did not happen–essentially, they were too busy to follow up with their intended interviews of WTRs… hopefully next year.

Outreach Consultant (PDF report) – Erica has met with Chrissy for about 6 hrs. for technical training. Blog writing is time consuming. Always looking for blog writers. Reminder to invite your friends to like the Facebook page. Answers to questions: YAC brought up having blog only once per month. Others agreed that it could be done less often, especially if content is not readily available. Adding younger voices, like the students that contacted Lincoln would be great. Chrissy would like to build on their connections in a more personal way to build outreach. Anne suggested a social media training at next conference.

Consensus Decision– The CC meeting confirmed the Network’s decision to hire Chrissy. Everyone was very happy she took on the Outreach Consultant position.

3 – Objectives Review (PDF document)

Hoping to have someone at VFP in Spokane (Sue would consider going).

4 – Finances (report link)

We are in good shape, especially with the Craigslist grant, which we never know is coming. Postage is over because it was not budgeted for regarding a special appeal for the Coordinator transition.

5 – AdComm Nominees

Cathy Deppe and Chrissy Kirchhoefer are finishing their terms on AdComm this meeting. We have two nominees. Four others were nominated, but did not accept nominations.

Consensus: Jerry Maynard (Houston, TX) approved as AdComm Alternate (3 year term). Sue Barnhart (Eugene, OR) approved as AdComm full member for 2 year term. Justin Becker has had difficulty making meetings because of his new job, so he has agreed to finish his final year on AdComm as an Alternate.

6 – Two Proposals

1. NWTRCC Rep at Scotland Conscience & Peace Tax International Conference (proposal pdf) – will publicize widely if happens. Consensus: AdComm can approve rep between meetings if it happens, and it’s a conference with WTR.

2. Christian Peacemaker Teams Affiliate Support Fund Application– Consensus: Denied. 4 neutral/stand asides. 6 blocks.

Robert – If they need literature, Lincoln judge their literature needs on a case by case basis. Bill G.: would like to see their outreach stories from around the globe publicized. Anne agreed with continuing discussion with them on WTR outreach. Chrissy plans on reaching out to them.

7 – Future Gathering Locations

We have been invited to Corvallis by Bill Glassmire. There are other WTRs there, but no group, though an active progressive community. Bill believes that logistics will work out. It’s 80 miles from Portland. AdComm recommended acceptance. Eugene folks will help. Discussion that we may need to accommodate the schedule for the distance between Portland & Corvallis Clarification that it would be Nov 1-3. Climate Change & Affordable Housing would be attractive themes for Corvallis. Approved: Corvallis, Oregon for November 2019 meeting.

8 – Tax Day 2020 Review of Saturday Session

Review of Saturday Session. Ideas included starting early. Outreach will also work on this idea. If you have proposals, please send them in for the November meeting. Discussion yesterday included ways to update our materials that Outreach will discuss. CC expresses its support of this.

10 – Evaluation of Weekend

Sue – Great conference. Sorry more people not here. Great speakers. Medea!!! Great meeting locations. Fun to go out last night. Exhausted until we went out socially. Carol – thanks to consultants, great meeting with no host. Gary – Need session for strategy. Original 1982 pacifist stand (from Nuclear freeze campaign) is not working now. Debt focus and climate change. Anne – great food. and reused some, great staff job. more time for general strategy. Being in the middle of Venezuela situation, need to message it for NWTRCC. Drew on network for Sat, which was good. Saturday does not need a workshop, can be an event or social. Michael – as new person, thought it was well-organized. bring in elected officials. enjoyed. great social beer event. Byron – great staff organization. Medea was great. Several Indian reservations in Northwest as possible Corvallis connection. Bill – Great place to meet. Plans on doing less, but can reach out. Lincoln –  other than noise. Great meeting. Chrissy so wonderful with food & virtual meeting. Rick – lucky with consultants. Should institutionalize beer event. Chrissy – challenges, strength of network. hearing different perspectives (Dave Zeremba attending as a NWTRCC founding member was a treat).

Thanks to everyone who helped organize this great conference!


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