Finance Report

Finance Memo
From: The Coordinator

The finance report which is linked here includes:

  • Current Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget
  • Current year income and expenses Jan 1 – April 30, 2019
  • Previous Year income and expenses to date for comparison
  • Current year % of budgeted item raised or spent (gives you an idea of how we’re doing)
  • Balance Sheet at the bottom shows what’s in hand and reserves

A few notes on Finance Report January 1 – April 30, 2019

  • No word about Craigslist, which normally send their donation in February or March). We also know that other related groups have not rec’d funds. Lincoln emailed Craigslist to follow up in mid-April, but has not heard back.
  • Large donations were high at this point last year b/c of a $10,000 donation from a WTR who no longer has these types of funds to donate.
  • Pledges have more than doubled. This has been a slow, but growing success often people pay monthly via PayPal which is consistent way to give monthly.
  • No money from Religious. I was supposed to receive money from a religious group I spoke to, but they haven’t paid us.
  • Not sure why subscriptions are higher Increase in newsletter subscriptions
  • MTAP Ad money from The Pacifist.
  • The expense for the Outreach Consultant for 2018 is really the combined expense of the Erica’s & Sarah’s positions last year.
  • Newsletter expense should come in around the $2,600 budgeted expense amount, but we are not receiving the discount that Lakeside Printing gave us (In-Kind Lakeside Income Account). If you were not aware, Lakeside Press closed (retired) at the end of December 2018. We are now using a local ma & pa printer in Milwaukee, called Capital Printing.
  • Food & Space expense for DC Conference will cost around $900 out of an $1,100 budget. There were unanticipated DC room rental expenses. We are hoping to keep the cost much lower at our next meeting. Also, travel expenses for consultants & AdComm will be lower this meeting.
  • Samuel Rubin Foundation grant application submitted by Lincoln in mid-April ($5,000 grant).
  • Oak Foundation – Lincoln will fill out letter of inquiry (Environment for $50,000) when we have a clearer plan for the funds.
  • Barrett Foundation, $5-7K – Lincoln applied for this grant at the end of April. We’ve received this grant in the past, which normally can be renewed for an additional year. They called us in March and asked us to apply.

Lincoln Rice, April 30, 2019