An Overlooked Avenue for Political Dissent

     1983 2nd edition

“An Overlooked Avenue for Political Dissent” is the title of the one and only review on that big online bookseller for the War Resisters League book Guide to War Tax Resistance, precursor to the 2004 edition of the book titled, War Tax Resistance: A Guide to Withholding Your Support from the Military.  The 5-star review posted in December 2001 begins:

In light of recent events (9/11) this book is more valuable than it has ever been in its 20 years of print. As the Bush administration declares war on terrorism (a term they refuse to define) the military industrial complex stands to develop beyond its already ridiculous proportions, and human rights stand to be squandered to the back of our national conscience.

Now all these many years later, the reviewer has proven to be correct about the military-industrial complex and the fact that the “war on terrorism will inevitably become the excuse to continue U.S. imperialism, and restrain civil liberties and human rights worldwide.”

2003 WTR book

2003 5th edition

Ed Hedemann wrote and edited the first three editions of “The Guide” in 1981, 1983, and 1986. Earlier WTR books were published by Peacemakers beginning in 1961, and then the Vietnam era National War Tax Resistance’s Ain’t Gonna Pay for War No More came out in 1971. Both were out of print by the 1980s but provided valuable material for WRL’s book. The Guide sold well and sold out again by 1991 when I was on the WRL staff. It was my task to edit the 4th edition, and then together Ed and I produced the 5th edition in 2003 with design and production skills of another WRLer Rick Bickhart. (We’re all involved with NWTRCC too, of course.)

The books sold steadily over the years, and eventually an insert was added to update critical changes in tactics or consequences. Now, with U.S. bombs and U.S. tax dollars backing Israel’s genocide in Gaza, the books are pretty much sold out. WRL decision-makers have agreed to publish a 6th edition, and we are back on the case.

As I look at the task before us, I wonder what other “reviews” might guide us, so we’ve created a short survey to prompt some feedback and inform our revisions. Your input — whether or not you’ve read the book — will be much appreciated!

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