What to think about for tax resistance in 2017, 2018, and beyond

Lots of people are looking for the basics of tax resistance — whether against war and violence, the border wall, closing the door on refugees, racism, a mass deportation force, getting Trump to release his tax forms, the Trump agenda in general, having a president that many see as unqualified, or some new executive order we might hear about next week. Tax day is April 18, 2017, the last day to file 2016 taxes. Whether you owe or not, whether you are resisting or not, here are some considerations and ideas for those newly interested in tax resistance as a protest strategy: File on paper and mail in your form. It’s one way to slow the system. The IRS has […]

Upcoming Webinars on War Tax Resistance and Redirection

There has been renewed interest in war tax resistance following Trump’s inauguration. Something has clicked in the minds of thousands of people across the country… we don’t want to pay for Trump’s agenda! While many of the reasons people are fed up—extreme militarism, mass incarceration, police brutality, and mass deportations—are part of the foundation of our country, it is exciting to see many new people contacting NWTRCC and wanting to organize in their communities. We have a series of webinars coming up in the next few weeks to support this new wave of resisters. Join us online to learn more about war tax resistance and our redirection effort for this year! Webinars War Tax Resistance 101 with Erica Weiland, NWTRCC Social Media […]

Be A Public War Tax Resister

Well, there is a lot going on. The phone at the NWTRCC office has been ringing from people who want to start a tax resistance campaign to get that guy in the white house to release his tax forms. There are links to a call for April 15 demonstrations on the same topic. Another one suggests threatening to resist taxes if the popular vote loses out to the electoral college again. On NWTRCC’s Facebook page there is new discussion about how to broaden the call for tax resistance in ways that are more inclusive of the variety of issues the new administration makes blatantly pressing: immigration, racism, human and civil rights, health care…. While the discussions go deeper and maybe […]

War Tax Resisters Plan To Protest The Inauguration!

Next weekend, united states president-elect donald trump will be in Washington, DC for the inauguration. There are a number of marches and protests happening in DC as well as around the country on both January 20th (inauguration day) and the 21st. War tax resisters have a unique message to bring to these actions, especially at this time. There is a growing faction on the left that is disenchanted with electoral politics and is wanting to take direct action. Already, the NWTRCC office has been contacted by a number of people who are fed-up and don’t want to pay for a trump presidency. So what can we do about it? Well, war tax resisters are organizing around the country to march, […]

Fits and Starts with WTR Organizing

Here in New York City there are a lot of war tax resisters and people who support war tax resistance. It should be a big, active community, but over the years and from experience, we’ve found it exceedingly hard to get people together. There are about 125 people on the email list for NYC resisters. Some have moved out of the city by now, but a lot of those 125 are still here. A couple years ago an informal support session attracted the host and the two of us long-timers who initiate most of the workshops or meetings in NYC. There gets to be a point when you think it’s more detrimental to try to have a meeting if only […]

Mutual aid and war tax resistance

War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund brochure cover with a row of rifles turning into flowers, and the first paragraph: ""The fund provides a process of mutual support through which war tax resisters and their supporters can distribute financial assistance to war tax resisters whose taxes are collected and for whom the collection of penalties and interest is a burden..."

One of the ways war tax resisters support each other is through the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund (WTRPF). This fund was founded in 1982 by the North Manchester, Indiana chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and later became a separate organization. Its purpose is to provide mutual aid for war tax resisters who have been collected on by the IRS. WTRPF also makes war tax resistance possible for more people: [The founders] found that IRS interest and penalties kept many people from continuing their war tax resistance, and prevented many more from even considering such a witness. The founders decided to invite sympathetic people to form a broad base that would help sustain and suppport war tax resisters. They […]

45 years of alternative fund grants!

(from our June/July 2016 newsletter🙂 “In order that we may offer our fellow citizens an alternative by which their tax monies may be directed to the sustainment of life rather than its destruction, the PEOPLE’S LIFE FUND is established.” Thus read the announcement of the founding of the New York City alternative fund in the August 1971 issue of Tax Talk, published by War Tax Resistance, the Vietnam War-era national organization that preceded NWTRCC. In the October issue of that year, Tax Talk included a page on Alternative Funds, explaining that “These are Funds whereby war tax resisters are pooling the money they have refused to give to the government. The money is rechanneled to local community groups.” Of the […]

End War, End Poverty, Save the Earth

Reverend Billy has a new book out called The Earth Wants You, published by City Lights Books (San Francisco). It’s a quick read, but all about breaking out of our busy-ness, and listening to Earth as a call to get involved in some new kinds of activism — and fast. At a recent book talk, Billy said he ran across this information by accident one day: At one point recently more than half of the counties in the country were in federally certified states of emergency, and yet the American media machine was so silent on the matter that you had to ask yourself, “Who’s the censor?” If the Earth is indeed speaking to us, we’ve chosen to demote that […]

Making war tax redirection a more constructive program

In Campaign Nonviolence’s recent conference call, Metta Center for Nonviolence staffers Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook talked about Gandhi’s concept of a constructive program. War tax resisters have a history of giving away their resisted taxes to worthy causes, and we have sometimes called this a “constructive program” in the model of Gandhi. For decades, war tax resisters have deposited money in  “alternative funds” that serve multiple purposes. The interest earned through these funds, often invested in community development credit unions and community loan funds, is distributed as grants to organizations. The depositors can withdraw the money if they wish. War tax resisters can also give money away to alternative funds for redistribution. (And some groups don’t have an […]

Tax Day 2016 – photos, articles, interviews

Last year on tax day in New York City there was a long line of people outside the IRS waiting to get inside for forms or to have questions answered. This year there was no line at all. Does that mean the IRS was more efficient? Or was it because people didn’t really notice that the final day to file this year was April 18 (or the 19th in Maine and Massachusetts), so many people had things done by April 15? Whatever the reasons, we had a good group out with signs and banners and handed out lots of WRL pie charts: In Washington, DC, on April 15, some of us vigiled at IRS headquarters on Constitution Avenue before joining up […]

Infographic: Invest in People, Divest from War

Revised 1/5/2017 The full text of the infographic follows the image. You can also download a PDF. Invest in People, Divest from the Pentagon Redirect your taxes from war to peace! What is divestment? Divestment is the opposite of investment. Instead of putting money into something, hoping to get future benefits and security, you take the money out, hoping to get those benefits and security somewhere else. Divestment campaigns were integral to the international movement against South Africa’s apartheid system. Today divestment campaigns are widely used in movements: against Israel’s occupation of Palestine against private prisons for a transition from fossil fuels Divestment campaigns call for institutions to sell their investments in entities complicit in injustice. Some also ask individuals […]

Choosing Simple Living

Live simply so that others may simply live.

Recently redmoonsong, who lives in North Carolina and is a committed war tax resister among her many other activities, sent the list below to NWTRCC with this note: Here’s the page I mentioned to you on the phone. One of the things I love about it is that each one begins with action (I really like action). Although I’ve been reading this list for 15 years, I am still inspired by the intelligence, directness and succinctness of Lissner’s writing. Ten Reasons for Choosing A Simpler Lifestyle by Jorgen Lissner As an act of faith performed for the sake of personal integrity and as an expression of a personal commitment to a more equitable distribution of the world’s resources. As an […]