November 2022 CC Meeting Minutes

National War Tax Resistance

Coordinating Committee Meeting

November 6, 2022 * Online

Present: Lincoln Rice, NWTRCC Coordinator (Milwaukee, WI); Sue Barnhart (Eugene, OR); Robert Randall (Brunswick, GA); Chrissy Kirchhoefer, Outreach Consultant (St. Louis, MO); Peter Smith (South Bend, IN); Ruth Benn (Brooklyn, NY); Bill Glassmire (Corvallis OR); Ginny Schneider (Santa Fe, NM); Sarah Weber (Topeka, KS); Eleanor Elizabeth Forman (New York City); Lida Shao, AdComm (Brooklyn, NY); Erica Leigh, AdComm (Seattle, WA); Susan Miller (Hesston, KS); Anne Baron (San Diego, CA); Jim Stockwell (Micaville, NC); Ed Hedemann (Brooklyn, NY); Shirley Whiteside, AdComm (Cedar Falls, IA); Rick Bickhart, Treasurer (Charlottesville, VA); Travis Christian, AdComm (Portland, OR); Lindsey Britt, AdComm (Brattleboro, VT); H. A. Penner, Akron, OH; Clare Hanrahan (Asheville, NC); Joshua Wrolstad, AdComm (Mexico); Carla Rupp (New York City); Cathy Deppe (Los Angeles, CA)

 1 – Peter went over the NWTRCC consensus process. (Lindsey & Sue volunteered to be timekeepers.)

2 – Consultant Reports & Consultant Review

Coordinator (PDF report) – Lincoln’s Coordinator Report; Question about where blog can be found (at bottom of main page on website); Question about radio interview for Chico, CA (focused on NWTRCC’s 40th, basics of WTR, and resources); There was thanks from several folks for work for 40th anniversary newsletter / memorial service / conference

Outreach Consultant (PDF report) – Chrissy’s Outreach Consultant Report; Anne wants a blog button for local peace org website; Question about WBW and someone’s frustration with WTR correspondence (Chrissy hasn’t had as much interaction with them, but Kathy Kelly is on their board now); War Industry Resisters Network – how to collaborate with local chapters? (Yes they have them – reach out); What has brought in folks in? (Outreach to CW & Peace Week outreach for WTR 101); Can blogs go in different publications? (Yes, let us know if there is a publication you can help us share it with.)

3 – Objectives (PDF Approved 2023 Objectives)

The following changes to the objectives were proposed and approved:

  • Change 1e to “Be attentive to ad opportunities.”
  • Add 1g: “Reach out to different language groups (e.g., Korean).”
  • Delete 3c about creating ads for exchange
  • Add 5e: “Utilize QR codes for English and Spanish webpages.”
  • Add 6e: “Get interviews on radio and podcasts.”
  • Change 7b to: “Develop new ways for network to use social media.”

4 – Finances & Budget (Approved Budget for 2023 & Finance 2022 Report & Budget 2023 Notes)

Because of a block by one person, the group relented and removed all $700 for “Food and Space.” To zero out budget, $700 was also removed from “Reserve Grant Transfer.” Budget approved with 3 stand-asides.

5 – Proposal (No Endorsements)

Proposal 1 – Join the War Industry Resisters Network

rick asked if Chrissy would keep attending their meetings. (Chrissy said that she would.) Proposal passed with one stand aside who had no comment.

6 – AdComm Nominees

Joshua & Lida will be rotating off in May. Any nominations for May 2023 meeting? Jim Stockwell (NC), Eleanor Foreman (NY), and Kody (FL) were nominated. February newsletter will have announcement & deadline.

7 – Future Gathering Locations

NWTRCC has a standing invitation to go to San Diego where camping is an option. St. Louis may be an option. Straw poll of people willing to attend a meeting in person. 13 willing to meet in person; 4 not willing; 2 unsure. No plan at this point for the May 2023 meeting.

8 – Evaluation of the Weekend

Cathy – well organized, missed in-person and music; Lida – plumbing caused her to miss conference; Robert – all good. thanks for all the hard work and participants; Ruth – trivia was more fun than anticipated, having Kathy Vass and Charlie King; Rick – expecting good conference and it was even better; Ed – attended parts – pass; Chrissy – appreciates all the effort, decades panel. Erica – trivia was amazing, it brought spirit and laughter to the meeting; Shirley – presentations were great, hearing the stories, consensus worthwhile, but hard online; Joshua – learning the history was great. wanted Ukraine and COVID to be more of focus; Sue – great conference and work for it, wished we were in person; Ginny – excellent and well-organized; immune suppressed, enjoyed having whole thing on Zoom; Jim – technology is hard for me, but was made comfortable, history was wonderful, well-organized; Michael says you all did a great job. He enjoyed the conference and wants to be more involved in the future; Eleanor – didn’t like told her stance was unproductive, enjoyed seeing young people; Lindsey – not at conference; Peter – history session was excellent and memorial video; and break room use was helpful. wants social hour on Friday at next conference with WTR 101/201s; Travis – not at much of conference (pass); Carla – happy to see everyone. enjoyed small group at Next 40 years; Anne – missed in-person and deeper conversations, appreciates all the work, didn’t like response to the blog, need short training on consensus; Susan Miller – sorry, I missed what she said. Lincoln – panels and discussion after panels, Thanks to AdComm and CK; Next 40 would have benefited from being in person;

Lastly, there was discussion of starting an ad-hoc Ukraine discussion group. The following people expressed interest: Eleanor, Anne, Sue, Joshua, Chrissy, Carla, Jim. Chrissy will reach to those folks in the near future.

See “NWTRCC Conference Report” by Lincoln Rice