Spread the Word This Tax Day!

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The group Filthy Rotten System kept things lively during the 2017 NYC tax day vigil. Photo by Ed Hedemann.

Hi everyone, Tax Day is coming up fast. NWTRCC’s team of consultants is working to spread the word about war tax resistance as much as possible, and you can help!

  1. Attend a local tax day event!
  2. Share our press release with your local media or favorite website.
  3. Got pictures/reportbacks from a tax season event, or want promotional coverage of your upcoming event? Send pictures, text, or other info to nwtrcc@nwtrcc.org, socialmedia@nwtrcc.org, and wartaxresister@nwtrcc.org, and we’ll make sure it gets into our listings, gets posted on social media, and/or is included in our newsletter coverage of tax season 2018, as appropriate!
  4. Make your own social media posts with links to NWTRCC and/or sharing your own perspective on WTR. Use hashtags like #taxday, #antiwar, #peace, and #resist, or see our social media for other ideas.
  5. Interact with our Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram accounts! Retweet, like, and share our posts from there. Mention us in your social media promotion for your local event!

Here are some recent social media posts that you can like or share, if you use social media:

With your support, we can make a splash on Tax Day this year! Thanks to everyone who is working hard and organizing for peace and justice.

Post by Erica Leigh

2 thoughts on “Spread the Word This Tax Day!”

  1. LarryBassett says:

    I read that 70% of people that file get a refund. And with the number of people who file electronically there is no longer a line of cars at the post office at midnight on tax day. The IRS is also much more bureaucratized and computerized. The days when you might actually have occasion to meet with an IRS employee have pretty much vanished. If you refuse to pay some of your federal income tax openly and conscientiously you will most likely receive letters from the IRS but there is a reasonable chance that will be about it. I try to remember that the IRS is really not the enemy but just the text collecting puppet of the military.

  2. StephenVerchinski says:

    The Congress and President broke the contract with We The People. There is no reason to continue a charade is there?

    I object to it all.

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