“The Boys Who Said No” and other anti-war media

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In the past couple of weeks, I’ve come across a lot of media of interest to war tax resisters and our supporters!

  • Black and white photo poster. Text: "GIRLS SAY YES to boys who say NO" over Joan Baez and her 2 sisters sitting on a couch. Footer says "Proceeds from the sale of this poster go to The Draft Resistance."There’s a film in development called The Boys Who Said No, about draft resisters during the Vietnam War. The film name is a reference to that iconic poster of Joan Baez and her sisters sitting on a couch (shown at the right). The film focuses on David Harris, a draft resister, and his wife during that era, Joan Baez (who you may recognize as a Vietnam-era war tax resister herself).
  • I haven’t seen very much in the news analyzing the US military’s drone attack on alleged al Shabaab militants in Somalia. Glenn Greenwald reported on the deaths and the dissembling involved in justifying them. The article highlights a lot of the errors in thinking that justify violence of all kinds, not just US-instigated pre-emptive terrorism.
  • Paying the Price for Peace will be released soon. It’s a film about S. Brian Willson, a veteran and war tax resister who was run over by a train during a nonviolent protest against munitions shipments.
  • MaxSandinWe have a new page in development on our website, Pioneers of the Modern American War Tax Resistance Movement, thanks to David Gross. Learn about the original signers of the 1948 Peacemakers pledge and other early war tax resisters!
  • My article in the Winter 2016 issue of anarchist magazine The Fifth Estate, “The Vietnam legacy of war tax resistance,” is now available online!
  • David Gross came across Clearly from My Heart, a collection of writings by Albuquerque war tax resister Don Schrader (read one of Don’s letters on our website).
  • Everyone can support war tax resisters. Help us grow our donor base – send your friends and family this letter from NWTRCC supporter Lonnie Valentine. Enclose a note letting them know why you support NWTRCC and ask them to do the same.

Any other good media about war tax resisters lately? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Anne barron says:

    Got to share about my war tax resistance at last night’s movie “Dancing with Thoreau”, one of the original wtr in US…surprised people with just how much US spends on war compared 2 China, Russia.

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