What is a war tax resistance counselor?

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One of the ways NWTRCC supports war tax resisters is by providing a list of war tax resistance (WTR) counselors across the country who you can contact. The role of this counselor is a bit different from, but in some ways the same as, other types of counselors, such as school counselors or advisers, or family counselors. You might meet a WTR counselor in person, if convenient for both of you, talk over the phone, or exchange e-mails.

Let’s say you’re interested in resisting, but not sure what method of resistance is right for you. A WTR counselor can talk you through your motivations and concerns to help you discern for yourself your best course of action. Is the act of refusing to pay taxes owed important to you? In that case, you might want to consider earning a high enough income to owe some taxes, so you have something to resist. Is refusing to cooperate with the government in any way part of your motivation? Then you might consider not filing a tax return. A WTR counselor can tell you how other resisters have used these tactics and the kinds of results they got.

However, a WTR counselor’s goal is not to make a decision for you, or urge you to go in one direction or another, but just to provide information, stories, and experiences to help you make your own decision. Plus, counselors know about all the NWTRCC brochures and resources and can direct you to the right information that can inform your particular question.

a draft of one potential infographic, called “How war tax resistance counseling can help,” with text of a dialogue with possible answers between a counselor and a war tax resisterWe have a lot of resources on our website, so please do click around our menus if you have a question. You can also check out our first instructional video about filing taxes and doing W-4 resistance on this informative page. And of course, check out our list of contacts & counselors to reach someone near you with questions.

Also, in thinking about this topic, I wanted to make a visual guide or infographic, but it turns out that is a several-hour-long project that there wasn’t time for. But there might be topics more conducive to this format. An accompanying infographic for the W-4 resistance video? A visual representation of the process of resisting war taxes? Something else entirely?

What do you think? Would you like to see an infographic about a particular WTR subject?

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2 thoughts on “What is a war tax resistance counselor?”

  1. David Gross says:

    I like the idea of having more infographics. ?

    They’re inviting and make complex topics more approachable. I worry sometimes that if I even utter something like “Form W-4” it’s like casting an eyes-glaze-over spell. A good graphic might make it all seem less daunting and sleep-inducing.

  2. Jason Rawn says:

    Some of us are working to create a Divest from the Pentagon campaign and might want counseling about WTR. We have been in touch with fossil fuel divestment activists, and will keep in touch with them, too. And the Dear Abby franchise, incidentally, is also great for certain counseling needs. Thanks.



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