Practical Reminders for War Tax Resistance at the End of the Tax Year

| Federal Income Tax, Things You Can Do

It’s time to take stock of your current war tax resistance strategy and prepare for any changes you want to make in the New Year.

  • Are you new to the concept of war tax resistance, and not sure how to get started? Read this list of small ways to start WTR, and see which one(s) you can adopt! You can also contact a war tax resistance counselor in your area to talk through your choices.
  • Are you a Don’t Owe Nothin’ style war tax resister, who takes legal tax deductions to get your income below a taxable level? Then don’t forget to take advantage of opportunities to contribute to education, health savings, or retirement funds, or to make charitable contributions.
  • Are you employed? Make sure your W-4 is set up so that you owe taxes at the end of the year in order to resist at the level you want.
  • Are you self-employed? If you haven’t read our guide to self-employment and war tax resistance, now’s a good time!
  • Do you resist or refuse paying some amount of taxes to the IRS each year, whether a percentage, a flat amount, or all taxes? Consider your level of resistance this year. Is it time to make changes? Is your resistance commensurate with your abilities, values, goals, and beliefs? This can be a hard question to answer! Check out NWTRCC’s “How to Resist” page for some more details and links. You can also contact a war tax resistance counselor in your area to talk through your thoughts so that you can reach a decision that’s right for you.
  • Are you unemployed, low-income, or voluntarily living a simple lifestyle? Learn more about strategies for low-income war tax resistance.

All the best for a successful year of war tax resistance next year, whatever that looks like for you!