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Larry Rosenwald

On Being a Very Public War Tax Resister Remarks at the Voluntown Gathering (11/12/99) Larry Rosenwald It’s conventional to begin a talk like this by saying you’re honored to have been asked to give it. Well, I am honored to have been asked to give this talk, genuinely and not just conventionally. I’ve sometimes felt uneasy… Continue reading

D. Pierre Gingerich

D. Pierre Gingerich Ithaca, NY 16 August 1999 Charles O. Rossotti, Commissioner Internal Revenue Service Washington, D.C. 20224 Internal Revenue Service Center Andover, MA 05501-0002 Dear Mr. Rossotti: I refuse to pay military taxes. I am writing to you to explain why I have withheld payment of $136.06, or 44.6% of the $305 calculated for… Continue reading

My War Tax Resistance Actions

By Priscilla Adams When I left college in 1974, I joined the Movement for a New Society and earned below a taxable level, filing W-4s as exempt. When I began to earn enough to owe money, I refused to pay 100% and continued to file W-4s as exempt. After a paycheck was garnished I stopped… Continue reading

S. Brian Willson

“With all due respect…I must refuse your request.” Dear Official of the Internal Revenue Service and/or Judge of the U.S, District Court, or other Judicial or Quasi-Judicial Officers: I am aware of your request for my cooperation in producing monetary amounts or documents to aid in the collection of those amounts, to satisfy a debt… Continue reading

S. Brian Willson (1985)

Letter to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service, the Secretary of the Treasury, the President and the People of the United States of America Accompanying My 1984 Tax Return August 15, 1985 RE: Federal Income Tax This letter is dedicated to a man named “Hue.” He is a Vietnamese man who remains a vivid image… Continue reading