Daniel Woodham

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April 14, 2006

From: Daniel Woodham


Re: Conscientious objection to payment of tax due

Dear Employees at the IRS,

Have you sensed something wrong with the USA these days? Lots of political corruption, wars raging and in the making, lots of wealthy people but many more poor and homeless people. You know what I mean?

I believe that the duty of the citizen in a democracy is to keep its government in line, away from doing things the people don’t want it to do. Our government no longer listens to the people (like that we should get out of Iraq) and is quickly taking away our constitutional rights to free speech and freedom from government intrusion into private lives (wiretapping).

I am not including a check this year to pay my taxes. This is my protest to the way my money is being used. I don’t want to support this kind of aggressive, war-making, corrupt system anywhere or in any form.

Instead I am donating my tax money to groups that work for peace and for cultivating a rich multicultural society. I support a positive culture, country and world instead of a negative, fearful, warlike world heading down the path to total destruction. I wouldn’t allow children to destroy my house – I won’t let the big kids in government destroy my nation and world.

At the very least I won’t pay for it.

Toward a peaceful planet,

Daniel Woodham