Quick Steps Tax Day 2018

The final day to file taxes is
Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Don’t Want to Pay for the Border Wall?

an image of the rusty brown border fence in Nogales, with the words "Will you pay for Trump's border wall?" superimposed on the top of the fence, and "Resist taxes for border militarization this Tax Day, April 18" superimposed on the bottom of the fence

Participate in the
Collective Redirection

Join a Tax Day Action
(list forming soon)

Dear IRS

First-time Resister or Wanna-Be Resister

Mad about the Border Wall?

Nervous but will resist? Choose a small amount for your first year of resistance. $10? Many are choosing $54 to represent Trump’s increase of $54 billion for the Pentagon.

Gather together a few others and form a War Tax Resistance Affinity Group for resistance and support.

Template letter to the IRS — anyone can send a protest letter. Print and fill in the PDF or download the rtf file and make it your own.

File on paper and mail your forms in. Avoid e-file and gum up the system a bit (perfectly legal).

Attend a local or regional workshop about war tax resistance.

Fill out this form to request a presentation or workshop (anytime!).

Anyone can use the Peace Tax Return.

Participate in the flip side of resistance:

Redirect your taxes with the Collective Redirection 2018 (see p. 2)

Consider starting a local Alternative Fund to pool together resisted war taxes.

Be a Public Resister

Add your name to this sign on statement.

Add your name to the War Tax Boycott.

Already paid but want to be able to resist next year?

Salaried employees: if you are getting a refund or didn’t owe taxes you might need to change your W-4 or make Withholding Adjustments.

Self-employed: If you overpaid estimated taxes, pay lower amounts through 2017 so that you will owe some money next year. Then you can choose whether and how much to resist.

Organizing Ideas

Click on the graphic for our Divest from War, Invest in People Organizing Packet.

See the downloadable flyers page or ask the NWTRCC office for palm cards to hand out at events near you.

Join at Tax Day Protest tell us what you are doing so that we can post a list online.

Support War Tax Resisters

If you can’t resist, you can always support resistance: Donate to NWTRCC, join the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund and/or give money to an Alternative Fund.

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