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Well, there is a lot going on. The phone at the NWTRCC office has been ringing from people who want to start a tax resistance campaign to get that guy in the white house to release his tax forms. There are links to a call for April 15 demonstrations on the same topic. Another one suggests threatening to resist taxes if the popular vote loses out to the electoral college again. On NWTRCC’s Facebook page there is new discussion about how to broaden the call for tax resistance in ways that are more inclusive of the variety of issues the new administration makes blatantly pressing: immigration, racism, human and civil rights, health care….

While the discussions go deeper and maybe new strategies and campaigns emerge, there is something you can do right now: Be public with your refusal to pay for war. Three war tax resisters and activists — Kathy Kelly, Kathy Boylan, and Daniel Sicken — put together a simple sign-on statement that’s been circulating for about a month.

Add your name. Take out ad space in your local paper and put this in. Share it on your websites or blogs. Download the PDF version and hand it out at events in your community. What else? Share your thoughts and ideas on broadening and strengthening our call for taking money from militarism and putting it toward life.

— Post by Ruth Benn

“We refuse to pay for war! Nearly half of the federal income tax is funding endless war and war preparations. In good conscience, we will not pay this war tax. Some of us live below a taxable income. Many of us who are taxable have chosen to re-direct our refused taxes to organizations that provide for basic human needs. To explore this form of conscientious objection, please contact the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee at or (800) 269-7464 – for information, literature, counseling and guidance.”

Pamela Allee, Bob Bady, Steve Baggarly, Johnny Baranski, Larry Bassett, Nathan Beall, Suzanne Belote Shanley, Ruth Benn, Frida Berrigan, Greg Boertje-Obed, Roy Bourgeois, Kathy Boylan, Joseph Byrne, Jean Chapman, Minga Claggett-Borne, Alan Clemence, Frank Cordaro, Betsy Corner, Susan Crane, Frances Crowe, Larry Dansinger, Ralph Dolan, Frank E. Donnelly, Jim Douglass, Shelley Douglass, Bill Durland, Genie Durland, Padma Dyvine, shulamith eagle, Aaron Falbel, Raquel Falk, Margie Farren, Katherine Fisher, Maureen A. Flannery, Ken Freeland, Eszter Freeman, Fran Fuller, Bruce K. Gagnon, Rick Gaumer, Carol Gilbert, Rick Gottesman, Clare Grady, David Gross, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton – Archdiocese of Detroit, James Haber, Emilie Hamilton, Clark Hanjian, Larry Harper, Arthur Harvey, Ed Hedemann, David Hartsough, Jan Hartsough, Martha Hennessy, Janet Hicks, Tonia Jodis, Tom Joyce, Barb Kass, Randy Kehler, Charlie Keil, Judith Kelly, Kathy Kelly, Stephen Kelly sj, Gene Keyes, John Klein, Phoebe Knopf, Sam Koplinka-Loehr, Loren Kramer, Randee Laikind, Scott Langley, Henry Lappen, Linda Leaks, Steve Leeds, Mary Link, Paul Magno, Jonathon Marley, Stephen Matchett, Bonner McAllester, John McIntire, Stan McCumber, Karl Meyer, Mike Miles,  Rick Mihm,  Mary Moody, Anne Moore, Markley Morris, Michele Naar-Obed, Hattie Nestel, Bill Ofenloch, Steve Olshewsky, Patrick O’Neill, Mary Jo Pfander, Becky Pierce, Ardeth Platte, Susan N. Quinlan, Jason Rawn, Mary Regan, Robert Riversong, Lawrence Rosenwald, Vicki Rovere, Nelia Sargent, Claire & Scott Schaeffer-Duffy, Ginny Schneider, Ralph Schwartz, Janice Sevre-Duszynska, Brayton Shanley, Cindy Sheehan, Joanne Sheehan, Patrick Sheehan-Gaumer, Mary Lynn Sheetz, Daniel Sicken, William Spademan, Kara Speltz, Mary Sprunger-Froese, Jessica Stewart, Jim Stockwell,  Finian D. Taylor, Don Timmerman, Patricia Tompkins, Joan Wages, Denise Ward,  Paki Wieland, Kim Williams, Thomas A. Wilson DDS, Steve Woolford, Jenny Wright, Lenore Yarger. (See the updated list of signers here.)

As a war tax refuser, will you join us? We can add your name to the statement below. At some point in the near future, the statement and names will be printed in as many peace and justice publications and media sources as possible. To include your own name only, please send an email to: Thank you.

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