3 banners

Photo by Ed Hedemann, NYC, 2/22/24.


Statue to Salvador Allende, erected in 2000 in Santiago, Chile. Photo by Ed Hedemann.


Wally and Juanita Nelson at their home in New Mexico with Craig Simpson. Courtesy of Craig Simpson.


David Gross at the rally in San Luis Obispo, CA, Jan. 2017. Photo by Dan Gross.


School of the Americas protest, Ft. Benning, Georgia.

1988-02 blockade of RR tracks – 72dpi

NWTRCC group outside Kings Bay naval base. (l to r) Ruth Benn, PA Trisha, Carolyn Stevens, Nichole Lichen, Vicki Metcalf, Robert Randall, Ken Miller, Joel Taunton. Photo by Ed Hedemann, 1988.


In front of IRS headquarters during an antiwar protest. Photo by Ed Hedemann, DC 2003.