Staying In the Way

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By Cathy Deppe My first run-in with the IRS was a direct result of refusing the federal excise tax on telephone service, which was increased by President Lyndon Johnson to help pay for the war in Vietnam. Although LBJ said we could have guns and butter too, we would have to pay for both. My… Continue reading

Passionate for Peace

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By Jason Rawn Aanya Adler Friess has been resisting war taxes since the 1960s. At age 86, she no longer attends meetings on a regular basis, though she lives below the taxable income level. She discusses war tax resistance with activists from the organizations that make up Albuquerque’s Peace and Justice Organizations Linking Arms (PAJOLA),… Continue reading


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Internal Revenue Service P.O. Box 37008 Hartford, CT 06176-0008 To Whom It May Concern at the IRS, As a matter of deep personal and religious conscience, I join tens of thousands of other U.S. Americans this tax season in resisting federal income tax spent on U.S. military and defense. My convictions call that I refuse, in some… Continue reading

A Part of My Identity

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Q & A with Rev. Andrea Ayvazian MTAP: Tell us a little about yourself. Andrea: When asked about who I am, how to introduce myself, I fumble around and use some or all of these words – I am the proud mother of Sasha Klare-Ayvazian (now 24); I am a woman of faith, a long-time… Continue reading

Professional Life, Public Resistance

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By Seth Berner My name is Seth Berner. I’m a poverty lawyer and general human rights activist in Portland, Maine. At some point I realized that I could not act for change and help those in need if I blindly supported the status quo and despair by automatically paying all the taxes my government wanted… Continue reading