Website Refresh, Peace Week, & Extinction Rebellion


It has been a busy month around the NWTRCC office. We have been in the process of refreshing our website and putting together the program for our national conference in November… among other things. So here is the lowdown.

Website Refresh

A couple summers ago we held focus groups with younger activists to explore ways in which NWTRCC could perform better outreach to younger people. Based on their feedback, we have already adapted how we use social media—particularly Twitter and Instagram. Another piece of feedback from that group was that our website looked dated, which may cause some younger people to question the legitimacy of what we are promoting.

A notice for Peace Week on our “refreshed” website.

Therefore, we began the process of “refreshing” our website. Although the information on the website and how one navigates the website is unchanged, we have updated the color scheme and given the site a more modern look. I am very thankful to some of the younger war tax resisters in our network that provided ideas and feedback for the website refresh. (We are also very thankful to our financial donors, who made this upgrade possible.) This refresh may result in a few glitches in our website, so if you notice any, please contact the office. And thank you in advance for your patience.

Peace Week

Every year, Campaign Nonviolence organizes a national week of action across the United States and around the world, built around the third week of September near Sept. 21st, which is International Peace Day. In September, 2020, the Campaign Nonviolence National Week of Action held over 4,000 actions, events and marches across the USA and in 20 countries. NWTRCC will again participate in Peace Week by offering a War Tax Resistance 101 workshop online. This session will be an introduction to the whys and hows of war tax resistance, with a discussion of potential consequences and resource referral. This session is for people new to war tax resistance or just getting started. Please spread the word. Anyone can register for the event at

Logos for Money Rebellion & Grup Antimilitarista Tortuga.

Extinction Rebellion & the Antimilitaristic Turtle

Our national meeting (5-7 November 2021) will feature speakers from two very active and creative tax resistance groups: Money Rebellion and Grup Antimilitarista Tortuga. Money Rebellion, an arm of Extinction Rebellion­UK, is working to disrupt the economic rules and institutions driving us toward societal collapse during this time of climate and ecological emergency. Grup Antimilitarista Tortuga is a very active war tax resistance group that formed in Alicante, Spain in 1999. They are fiercely dedicated to creative nonviolence and also coordinate with War Resisters’ International.

This conference will also feature a presentation by Peter Goldberger, an attorney in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and the longtime legal consultant to NWTRCC. He previously spoke at NWTRCC’s 2014 conference on “What Does the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision Mean for War Tax Resisters?” The topic of his November talk has yet to be determined, but will be topical. The full program for the weekend can be found here.

So check out our updated website & please spread the word about the Peace Week event & our November conference!

— Post by Lincoln Rice