Personal connections and growing war tax resistance

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clockwise from left: photo of Peg Morton speaking, Susan Quinlan and Nancy Foster during the pillars of militarism workshop, and the assembled group watches clips of what became the film Death and Taxes

Images from the November 2008 NWTRCC conference that got me started in resistance (click image to see the PDF of the newsletter).

Last week, I was explaining war tax resistance to someone new. They asked how I got started. I talked about attending the November 2008 NWTRCC conference in Eugene. Meeting the knowledgeable and caring NWTRCC community, and having inquisitive and inspiring conversations with a variety of people, was my tipping point to start resistance.

Likewise, this new person was inspired by our personal connection. They enthusiastically e-mailed me almost immediately after our discussion. I don’t know what will come of this new contact – much enthusiasm doesn’t translate immediately into resistance, for many different reasons. But I bet the “conversion rate” is higher for folks who know another resister personally.

Because NWTRCC’s media visibility is higher than ever, I wonder how to take full advantage of this situation. NWTRCC has a decent list of contacts and counselors, but not as many active local affiliates as we’d like!

Are you a new war tax resister, or contemplating resistance? What would help you feel more confident?

  • Online, phone, or in-person connections?
  • Certain kinds of support?
  • Certain kinds of literature?
  • Do you wish there were an organized group of resisters in your area? Or are you okay being independent?

And for current resisters:

  • What kinds of support have been most important for you?
  • What kinds of support did you wish you had?
  • What do you think NWTRCC would need to do in the next year to support growth in the war tax resistance movement, both locally and nationally? NWTRCC’s role as a national coalition has shifted over time. In some ways, we are shouldering more organizing nationally, even as we try to strengthen our local affiliates. But the situation could shift again!
  • What can you commit to doing? NWTRCC has a variety of committees, like fundraising and outreach, whose work needs to continue. In addition, some local groups and organizers are working hard to promote war tax resistance.

New and current resisters can call on NWTRCC by phone, e-mail, or social media with questions or concerns. Or surf around our website. We may already be able to provide the support you need! Or we can envision the kinds of work local groups and NWTRCC may be able to do in the future.

Post by Erica

4 thoughts on “Personal connections and growing war tax resistance”

  1. Meeting people in person in my area would be great. Being able to talk to people in person and having a local community that feels supportive I think would be very helpful for someone new. This organization is great, by the way!

    1. Erica says:

      Have you looked at our Contacts and Counselors list yet to see if someone’s near you? You can also e-mail Ruth, nwtrcc at nwtrcc dot org, to see if there are local folks who don’t have published contact info!

  2. Larry Bassett says:

    I lived in Christiansburg Virginia in the late 1970s when I began war tax resistance. This is a rural conservative area. I was pretty gung ho about the idea as was the person I was living with so we thought we would try organizing a support group. We met about once a month and people came from as far as an hour away. We were pretty surprised but it turned out that people were so delighted to find even a small group of people who thought like they did. When we moved to Long Island once again we found a small group of people who were delighted to discover other like-minded individuals.

  3. Pam Allee says:

    Ruth – thanks for this question. The workshop I recently attended noted that one of the most important elements that make a workshop successful is continuing support and connection via regular group meetings. So your question is definitely more important than ever, especially for those of us who would like to see War Tax Resistance becoming a movement.

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