Video/audio from our last two conferences now available!

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We recorded audio from two workshops during our May 2015 conference in Milwaukee.

  • Patrick Kennelly’s workshop presentation on the Afghan Peace Volunteers. The first couple minutes are low volume, then it adjusts. mp3 file may take a little while to load. (Audio only)
  • Methods of Resistance with Mary Watkins,
    George Martin, Mary Watkins, and Ruth Benn seated at table.

    George Martin, Mary Watkins, and Ruth Benn.

    an activist in Milwaukee who has been very involved in actions about police violence and shootings; George Martin, an antiwar activist with Peace Action in Milwaukee and nationally, active with the Green Party, and many other groups; and Ruth Benn, NWTRCC Coordinator.

You can also finally watch videos of talks from our November 2014 conference online! The topics are:

Nov 2014 speakers

Lonnie Valentine, Peter Goldberger, and Joanna Swanger at NWTRCC’s Earlham conference.

Thanks again to Lonnie for all his work on the conference. Read more about our time at Earlham School of Religion here and here.

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