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National Gatherings and Coordinating Committee Meetings

NWTRCC sponsors two gatherings each year, usually over the first full weekends in November and May. Each national gathering starts with dinner on Friday and includes a mini-conference format on Friday evening and all day Saturday with panel discussions, action reports and analysis, how-to workshops, and strategy discussions. NWTRCC’s business meeting is held on Sunday morning. The gathering is open to everyone with an interest in war tax resistance. The location shifts regionally in the U.S. depending on invitations from local host groups.

Raising the Stakes:
Resistance and Community Survival in Troubled Times

Hands Up for Peace mural in St. Louis, Photo by Paul Sableman, CC on Flickr

National War Tax Resistance Gathering
St. Louis, Missouri • May 5-7, 2017
Friends Meeting House • 1001 Park Ave., 63104

Hosted by the Dick Gregory Catholic Worker House & the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee & co-sponsored by Veterans for Peace and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – St. Louis Chapter

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Resist! is the word of the year. With the election of a president whose campaign promoted racism, sexism, and divisions, people of conscience are turning to community building, strengthening relationships, and intersectional organizing toward systemic change. There is new energy for skills sharing and direct action. War tax resisters participate in community building through the redirection of tax dollars from war to people and planet. We are also learning to raise the stakes of our own activism to build stronger relationships and a more united movement.

During this weekend we will share action and organizing stories from around the country, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our work, and brainstorm new ideas as we strategize for the coming year.

Friday evening will feature a talk on our theme by Veterans for Peace activist Matthew Hoh. Saturday includes panels, workshops and discussion sessions, plus a special presentation of redirected tax dollars. As part of skills-sharing, we will participate in a WeCopWatch training on Saturday, and war tax resisters will offer how-to workshops for people newly interested in this form of resistance. NWTRCC’s business meeting on Sunday morning will be at a different location, followed by an in-depth war tax resistance counselors’ training for current resisters who would like to be part of the NWTRCC counseling network. Please RSVP in advance if you are interested in the Sunday afternoon training.

The gathering is open to everyone with an interest in  resistance for social change — come for all or part of the program.

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Most Recent Gathering:
Sustainable Living Center“Individual Resistance and Collective Power in an Era of Endless War”
November 4 – 6, 2016 • Sustainable Living Center of North Florida, Hampton, Florida

About 20 NWTRCC network members came together at the Sustainable Living Center (SLC) in North Florida to take stock of where war tax resisters are at, get to know our new field organizer Sam Koplinka-Loehr, learn about the militarization of the southern US, and enjoy some community time around a bonfire. We were joined during different sessions by Florida friends, most of whom were involved with the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice.

Blog report      Photos          Notes from sessions       Business meeting minutes

Previous Gatherings


“Divest from the Pentagon, Invest in People!”
Lansdowne Friends Meeting and Lansdowne Friends School in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, May 13-15, 2016. PhotosReport.  Notes from sessions.

Divest from Weapons and Warmaking”
Hosted by Las Vegas Catholic Worker • Las Vegas, Nevada • Nov. 6-8, 2015. Report.

Video of Jennifer Carr’s talk on “Complicity and Collection – Religious Freedom and Tax

Regional and Local Events • War Tax Resistance Workshops and More

Watch this space for workshops and events in your area, or if you are planning a workshop or action in your area email the information, and we’ll list it here.

If you would like to schedule a workshop or presentation for a group, please use the linked form.

Live Webinar – April 23, 2017

“Tax Resistance 101” Workshop
Sunday, April 23 – 10:00 a.m. – Noon Pacific time (1 pm Eastern)

Watch and participate online or join local war tax resisters in Berkeley, California, to find our more about how to resist and redirect taxes as a way to withdraw support from the many forms of violence and war being waged at home and abroad by the current regime.
We will gather locally at 2220 Sacramento St., Berkeley (Near North Bkly BART) to participate in the national webinar and to discuss people’s questions and ideas about this form of conscientious objection.

The webinar is on GoToWebinar. Register here and check your settings 10 minutes ahead of the start time!

Always available on YouTube:

We Won’t Pay:  War Tax Resistance 101

Redirecting Taxes to Black, Brown, and Indigenous Resistance

International Conferences

planter_bogotaWorld Congress on Military and Social Spending in Berlin, Germany September 30 – Oktober 3, 2016 • Sponsored by the International Peace Bureau

NWTRCC’s representative Cathy Deppe participated in the conference and public demonstrations, tabled for NWTRCC, and joined members of Conscience and Peace Tax International for a workshop about military spending and peace tax campaigns.  served as  to the congress. Read her report.


The first International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns was held in Tübingen, Germany, in 1986. Conferences are held every-other-year, most often in Europe with a few exceptions: India in 1998; U.S. in 2000; and Colombia in 2013. While the conferences are organized by the local groups, Conscience and Peace Tax International (CPTI) was founded at the conference in Hondarribia, Spain, in 1994, to connect the groups working on legislative campaigns and to track legal issues internationally. The CPTI website includes reports from meetings, links to groups, court documents, and more.

The conferences offer a time to exchange information and experience gained by individuals and groups during their local campaigns; learn about legal issues in individual countries; increase the effectiveness by which our groups offer peace tax legislation and/or war tax resistance as a means for civilians to object against war and war preparation; and investigate the need for an international platform for the national groups to make our efforts more visible on an international level.

After the 2013 conference, CPTI moved from Belgium to England. Re-organizaiton within the international network has taken some time, and there is hope that the next conference will be held in 2016.

NWTRCC has sent a representative to each meeting, and reports appear in our newsletter, More Than A Paycheck.