NWTRCC Business

Links to Minutes, Reports, Proposals, Handbook, some Resources for Counselors, and other items of interest to the Administrative Committee (AdComm) and Coordinating Committee (CC)

Minutes from the November 2015 CC meeting, Las Vegas

Click here for the archive list of minutes from past meetings

Click here for the archive list of reports from past gatherings

NWTRCC Handbook

Counselors’ Information

Fact Sheet 1 – Student Financial Aid (PDF)
Fact Sheet 2 – Frivolous Penalty Letters (PDF and web text version)
Fact Sheet 3 – Passports, Citizenship, Living Abroad (PDF)
Fact Sheet 4 – Affordable Care Act (PDF)
Nonprofit Organizations and War Tax Resistance

Media Talking Points (PDF)

Members of the AdComm and Terms

Ari Rosenberg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Nov. ’13–May ’15
Jason Rawn, Maine — May ’14 – May ’16
Rachel Soltis, Phoenix, Arizona — May ’14 – May ’17
Cathy Deppe, Los Angeles, California — May ’14 – May ’17

Alternates & Other Positions

Bill Glassmire, Corvallis, Oregon — May ’15 – May ’18
Coleman Smith, Asheville, North Carolina — May ’15 – May ’18
Co-Treasurers — Melissa Jameson & Rick Bickhart

Nominations will be open in Winter/Spring 2016 for new AdComm members, who will be selected at the May 2016 Coordinating Committee meeting. Email if you would like to nominate yourself or someone else.